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Something, Something, Something, Dark Side

I wanted to do a fair review of the new Family Guy Star Wars “homage,” and so I sat through the movie long after I wanted to turn it off (less than 5 minutes before I got fed up with the “jokes” Seth MacFarlane was offering).

The on thing I can’t find any fault with was the animation. While the visuals were incredible, it’s easy to tell after watching it that – like the first one – that’s where all the money went. The script was so weak so as to be non-existent and large chunks of the story they were attempting to send-up made it nonsensical.

The most insulting fact about the movie – and not just for Star Wars fans – was that he couldn’t come up with new and original jokes. More than half the time we were treated to the same jokes that we’ve seen on the TV show numerous times, and the entire time they went for the cheap laugh instead of doing anything even slightly thought provoking. Examples include:

-Making Meg the space slug

-Doing a handicapped parking joke with the Falcon and the asteroid

-Doing a training montage on Dagobah while splicing in footage of Drago’s training from Rocky IV (which seems to be a crutch MacFarlane’s been relying on more and more as the series drags on).

-Making the Giant Chicken (a joke that should have died an incredibly long time ago in the show, in my own opinion) Boba Fett.

-Having Peter drop his trousers and moon everyone as he’s frozen in carbonite.

-Including “Dog” in the background of the line-up of bounty hunters.

And arguably the worst offender. As Peter is about to be lowered into the carbon-freezing chamber and Lois offers up Leia’s line “I love you,” Peter gives her a deadpan stare and simply states, “Fuck you.” There’s being edgy, and then there’s being just plain offensive, and this officially crossed the line.

There’s many more examples in the movie, but I’ve already forced myself to forget a good deal of what I just witnessed. This will be another Family Guy “special” that I will be avoiding like the plague when it inevitably rolls onto network television.

To close this rather short review, let me make a plea to Seth MacFarlane. Please don’t touch Return of the Jedi. It’s not that I hold it in any higher respect out of the original three films, but I know you will handle it just as poorly as you did the first two “films.” Parody is more than just fart and masturbation jokes with your own characters shoved into the movie roles. It’s more than putting a thin veneer of the story your parodying over jokes you’ve recycled four or five times already in the series. I would hope you would understand that.

Final Opinion: This is not worth the time it takes to watch it. I’d recommend staying away and catching the Robot Chicken Star Wars specials again.


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