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Gen Con 2011 Gaming Review

Yes. I was at Gen Con this year. My first ever Gen Con and I had the pleasure of attending it with my lovely wife as our honeymoon (her idea, even), and many, many members of the Gamer Nation. And lo and behold, I did manage to snag a few games that will receive the review treatment on this blog – namely Luke Crane’s Burning Wheel and Greg Stolze’s Progenitor setting for the Wild Talents rules (which I had been very, very bad in not having yet picked up yet. I remedied that as well with the Essential rulebook).

Expect those to come down the pipe sometime soon. There was also a galvanizing effect the convention had on me in regards to Saga Edition, coming from finally getting a chance to play the game as well as the success of my convention module, so I’m hoping that helps to focus my efforts once again with that little system, and I may be toying with the idea of tweaking a few of the things within the rules that irk me in order to get the game juuuuust right. More on that as it develops as well.

I got the chance to play under the now internet famous Chris Witt, aka GM Chris several times during the convention. The first was Friday night when he threw down the first half of his Secret of the Corellian Kitehawk module. The second was Saturday night (more appropriately Sunday morning) when he and his other GMs gave the gamer nation the gift of running a pick up game of the Black Nova Gambit, the 18 person, 3 GM delve event they had registered for Friday night that sold out in minutes when registration opened up. Both of them were absolute things of beauty. If any of you ever get the chance to run a game with this man, please do so. The stories are not embellishment in the least.

I also got a chance to play in a pickup game of Murder on the Executor (an old Gen Con Star Wars module) that Duncan, aka vadersson was awesome enough to throw down. That was an absolute blast as well.

Finally, I got the chance to throw down Hard Contact in its new iteration. While the group was unable to finish it because of time constraints, the module appeared to be doing its job. They would have been walking into the last encounter with very few Force Points left, no Destiny Points, and pretty well banged up. The odds were heavily in my favor that they would not have survived the final encounter. That’s good. That’s what I’ve designed this module to do. And most importantly – the group had a blast getting the snot kicked out of them throughout the adventure. They did play very smart, using autofire and other area attacks to help whittle down tough baddies, and they were the first group to realize that the rocks at the corner of the map in the river were an escape path that they should maybe take when the enemies are being reinforced.

It was great. I can’t wait to polish it up a little bit more and run it again.

So, in summation, I’m home safe and sound with some loot under my arm and the burning desire to write about them. Now I just have to finish reading them and get them on the table.¬†¬†Wish I’d been able to see some more stuff and put my hands on the Fantasy Flight X-Wing and Star Wars Card Game demos, but I just ran out of time. Too much to do, and just enough time to get it accomplished. I will be going back to Indy though. I had an absolute ball.



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