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Help Order 66 – Get Some Swag!

Readers of this blog should know that I have long been a fan and member of the d20 Radio Network and their flagship podcast Order 66, which reintroduced me to Star Wars Role Playing.

Chris Witt and Dave Villegas, better known as GM Chris and GM Dave have been podcasting for over five years, and in that time, they have interviewed everyone from freelance game designers, to lead developers, to actor and Star Wars gamer Sam Witwer, all the while keeping the masses entertained and hungry for more about Star Wars Role Playing. And last December they decided to make the move from Star Wars Saga Edition to Edge of the Empire, the new game from Fantasy Flight Games.

But five years of podcasting have taken their toll on the guy’s equipment. And to that end, they launched a little Kickstarter project with a modest goal of $1,000. Needless to say, they blew well past that goal, and at the time of this post they are sitting just a little over $8,100. And because their initial goal has been surpassed – that means stretch goals!

Everyone pledging at the $20 level will receive a Swag bag from the guys at Order 66. These include map tiles from cartographer extraordinaire and d20 Radio network sponsor, Christopher West as well as Roll20 tokens created by GM Dave. But that’s not all! You’ll also receive a module penned by GM Chris himself, titled Dead Man’s Hand. 

Well, that’s the initial swag bag.

Now you’ll get not one, not two, but four modules – the aforementioned Dead Man’s Hand, but also Summoned, by host of d20 Radio’s Threat Detected, Garrett Crowe. You’ll also get Fallen Starlight penned by the one, the only Donovan Morningfire, aka Jonathon Stevens, noted blogger and freelance game designer. Finally, you’ll get The Hovertrain Heist, which is my original module.

But the biggest news is that they have found a title sponsor to put together the first ever Gamer Nation Con if they manage to hit $9,000, which will take place the weekend of March 14th-16th in 2014 in Plano, TX. This is hugely exciting news, and there’s still time for you to get in on the ground floor.

So check out the Kickstarter page, help out some great guys deliver a quality podcast, and get some cool swag for your trouble. I’m absolutely thrilled to be even a small part of this, and would love to see them attain their goal of making Gamer Nation Con happen.



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Edition Wars!

No, this is not a post about 5E or DND Next or The One Edition to Gather Them All or whatever the hell WotC decides to go with for their next edition. This is something entirely different and entirely unique.

For some time, GM Chris and GM Dave, founders of d20 Radio have been working towards making the foray into publishing games. That time is upon them as they launch a Kickstarter in attempt to get their first game published: Edition Wars – a fast, furious, tongue-in-cheek card game done very much in the style of Munchkin and other similar games.

Each player takes the role of a Gamemaster and attempts to assemble a party of 6 players in order to prove that his edition of the game is the supreme edition. Your role will define the various strategies you will use as you recruit, badger, or outright steal other players to your side, using snark, blogging, swag, ordering pizza, or even breaking out the Banhammer to come out on top.

Edition Wars is designed to support 3-5 players and plays in about 45 minutes to an hour. If they Kickstarter project is funded, they are looking for a release at GenCon 2012 (mid August for those of you that don’t follow the Con schedule).

This game sounds like an absolute riot, and my wife and I have already placed our pledge. Won’t you please consider helping a few geeks-in-arms attain their dreams and give them a pledge?

You can find more information, some sample cards, and make your pledge here.

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New Chris West Kickstarter Project

Christopher West, owner of Maps of Mastery, gaming cartographer, and all around nice guy is at it again. He’s got THREE double sided poster maps that he’s currently attempting to fund on Kickstarter. The maps were designed with fantasy in mind, but there’s no reason that they can’t be used for anyone’s game, such as a volcanic lair for a supers game, or an ancient ruin on a god-forsaken planet in the middle of a dangerous sector of space, or… well, let your imagination run wild. Here’s a link to the site where you can pledge your support for these amazing pieces of gaming accessory.


For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the idea behind Kickstarter, it is essentially an online pledge drive. A company/private individual puts up a project that they are attempting to get funded. People can then pledge their support for the project. Oftentimes, the person behind the project will offer incentives for pledges, such as copies of the finished product at cheaper rates, mentions in donation notes, etc etc.

And, if for whatever reason, the project doesn’t get funded, you aren’t out your money. You don’t actually pay anything unless it reaches its goal within the alloted time.

So come on, Gamer Nation. Let’s get this series of maps funded for the good Mr. West.

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