A New Universe

entropyAn Ancient Universe
A Mysterious Universe
A Harsh Universe
A Dying Universe

The Valdorri Empire is a highly militant, highly organized regime that holds power in vast swaths of the known universe. But the further one gets from the seat of their power the more nominal their authority becomes. And there are corners of the galaxy where even their authority doesn’t reach. Mysterious aliens and unknown forces exist in these shadows, whose machinations might never be known.

But the Valdorri aren’t the first regime to hold power. Their Empire is built on the remains of those who came before. Everywhere one looks they can see echoes of these previous civilizations, from a building of strange and ancient architecture to the ruins of entire cities. Xeno-archeologist work to understand these people so that they might know themselves and their own people’s place in events. But for every answer they find, it seems they find two more questions.

And then there’s the Wrinkle – the power that holds the universe together and makes many modern conveniences possible. For all of existences combined knowledge and understanding of this power, so much remains completely unknown. Scholars spend entire life times to add a few words to the overall knowledge of the subject. It seems likely that humanity will never unlock all of it’s secrets.

Meanwhile, the universe continues its long, inexorable journey towards Entropy…

This is just the boilerplate statement for a science fiction setting I’ve had for a while. It struck me again the other day and has been hanging in the back of my mind ever since. It draws a lot of inspiration from existing settings, notably Star Wars and Mass Effect, but I’m hoping to put enough novelty into it that it can stand on its own. Where and how it develops from here, I guess we’ll see, but it should be an interesting journey.


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