Edition Wars!

No, this is not a post about 5E or DND Next or The One Edition to Gather Them All or whatever the hell WotC decides to go with for their next edition. This is something entirely different and entirely unique.

For some time, GM Chris and GM Dave, founders of d20 Radio have been working towards making the foray into publishing games. That time is upon them as they launch a Kickstarter in attempt to get their first game published: Edition Wars – a fast, furious, tongue-in-cheek card game done very much in the style of Munchkin and other similar games.

Each player takes the role of a Gamemaster and attempts to assemble a party of 6 players in order to prove that his edition of the game is the supreme edition. Your role will define the various strategies you will use as you recruit, badger, or outright steal other players to your side, using snark, blogging, swag, ordering pizza, or even breaking out the Banhammer to come out on top.

Edition Wars is designed to support 3-5 players and plays in about 45 minutes to an hour. If they Kickstarter project is funded, they are looking for a release at GenCon 2012 (mid August for those of you that don’t follow the Con schedule).

This game sounds like an absolute riot, and my wife and I have already placed our pledge. Won’t you please consider helping a few geeks-in-arms attain their dreams and give them a pledge?

You can find more information, some sample cards, and make your pledge here.


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