Threat Assessment – The Shrieking Eel

Part of the anniversary gift my wife got me this past weekend was a copy of The Princess Bride in Blu-Ray. As we sat down to watch it tonight, I was taken with the Shrieking Eel scene, and felt compelled to write the beast up in Saga Edition. So, without further ado.

Shrieking Eel CL 5

As long as a man is tall, the shrieking eels inhabit various bodies of water where they hunt for their food. Don’t expect a fair deal from one.

Medium Aquatic beast 6
Init +12; Senses Perception +3
Defenses Ref 20 (flat-footed 16), Fort 12, Will 10; +6 natural armor
hp 39; Threshold 12
Speed swim 8 squares
Melee bite +5 (1d6+1)
Base Atk +4; Grp +10
Special Actions constrict, Pin, shriek
Abilities Str 13, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 2, Wis 10, Cha 6
Special Qualities serpentine
Feats Crush, Pin, Skill Training (Initiative)
Skills Initiative +12, Swim +9 (can reroll and take the better result)

Constrict – If the shrieking eel successfully grapples an enemy, it can use the Crush and Pin feats as normal. When crushing, however, the beast deals 2d6+4 damage.
Serpentine – The shrieking eel is treated as if he were one size larger for the purposes of grappling.
Shriek – As a standard action, the shrieking eel can emit a horrifying shriek that can unnerve its prey. The eel makes a special attack roll (1d20+3) against the Will Defense of all creatures within 20 squares. Success means the target is shaken, taking a -2 penalty to attack rolls and Reflex Defense. If the target is adjacent to the shrieking eel, it means the target is so taken with fear that they lose their move action on their next turn. This is a mind-affecting fear effect.

Design Note: I toyed with the idea of giving the creature the Powerful Charge feat, as it’s favored tactic in the film clearly seemed to be a straight line run at it’s foe. However, after coming up with the Serpentine ability, I thought constricting it’s prey after they’ve been immobilized and dragging them down underneath the ocean crushing the life out of them while they simultaneously drown seemed scarier (as well as slightly more intelligent.


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