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Build of the Week – The De-Buffer: Action Denial

Hey there, Gamer Nation! Guess what’s back? That’s right, I’m back with another character build for you all to enjoy. The de-buffer was put forth by my wife, @HotPinkJoystick when I was searching for a build to do. I quickly discovered that there were multiple ways to do this build, and will be bringing my second de-buffer build to you later, but for now it’s a character focused on de-buffing the enemy by denying them their actions.

The beautiful part of this build is that there is a lot that you can do to really make it your own. There are some species that do stand out, such as those that offer Persuasion rerolls, such as the Nagai, but it’s really not important. You do need a few trained skills, those being Persuasion, Deception, and Knowledge (Bureaucracy), but that’s it. Everything else can be customized to your liking.

Level 1 – Scoundrel 1 – Base Attack Bonus +0

Starting Feats – Point Blank Shot, Weapon Proficiency (pistols, simple weapons)

Level 1 Character Feat – Skill Focus (Persuasion): A lot of your talents and abilities are going to key off of this skill. Getting any bonus possible is going to help you. (SECR 88)

Level 1 Scoundrel Talent – Revolutionary Rhetoric: This talent allows you to make a Persuasion check as a standard action against an opponent’s Will Defense. If the check is successful, you deny the opponent their standard action next turn. (GoI 22)

Level 2 – Scoundrel 1/Noble 1 – Base Attack Bonus +0

Starting Feat – Linguist

Level 1 Noble Talent – Rant: This is a neat little talent. When you successfully use the Persuasion skill to intimidate a target, instead of the normal benefits you instead deny that target their move action on their next turn and give an ally a move action they can use immediately as a reaction. (UR 20)

Level 3 – Scoundrel 2/Noble 1 – Base Attack Bonus +1

Level 2 Scoundrel Bonus Feat – Silver Tongue: This feat allows you to use the Persuasion skill to either intimidate or change attitude as a standard action instead of as a full-round action. (GoI 29)

Level 3 Character Feat – Improved Defenses: Let’s face it. Even though you aren’t going to be throwing a whole lot of damage downrange, but you’re going to be the one with the big target on your chest when your opponents are finally able to take their full turns. (SECR 85)

Level 4 – Scoundrel 3/Noble 1 – Base Attack Bonus +2

Level 3 Scoundrel Talent – Hesitate: This talent allows you to make a Persuasion check as a standard action against a target’s Will Defense. If successful, you drop the target’s speed by 2, and require it to spend a swift action whenever it would take a standard action until the end of their next turn.. (S&V 15)

Level 5 – Scoundrel 4/Noble 1 – Base Attack Bonus +3

Level 4 Scoundrel Bonus Feat – Demoralizing Strike: This is a funky little feat. It states that whenever you damage an opponent with an attack of opportunity, you can make a Persuasion check to intimidate a target as a free action. Nothing stating that it has to be the NORMAL method of intimidation (see the Rant talent above). (GoI 27)

Level 6 – Scoundrel 5/Noble 1 – Base Attack Bonus +3

Level 5 Scoundrel Talent – Sow Confusion: This talent builds off of the Hesitate talent we took two levels ago. You make a Deception check as a standard action once per encounter against every enemy you can see. If successful, you force each affected enemy to spend a swift action whenever they want to spend a standard action to attack. This lasts until the start of your next turn. (S&V 15)

Level 6 Character Feat – Combat Reflexes: The ability to throw out a few more attacks of opportunity a round isn’t necessarily a bad thing, even if you don’t get to use it every round or even every encounter. Remember, every AoO you get to make is an extra intimidation (and therefore, use of the Rant talent). As an added bonus, you can make these attacks of opportunity even if you find yourself flat-footed. (SECR 83)

Level 7 – Scoundrel 6/Noble 1 – Base Attack Bonus +4

Level 6 Scoundrel Bonus Feat – Skill Focus (Knowledge [Bureaucracy]): This feat gets you into the Corporate Agent Prestige Class. (SECR 88)

Level 8 Scoundrel 7/Noble 1 – Base Attack Bonus +5

Level 7 Scoundrel Talent – Opportunistic Strike: Once per encounter, this talent lets you take an attack of opportunity against an opponent that provokes an attack of opportunity from an ally, as long as the opponent is within point blank range. (KOTORCG 27)

Level 9 – Scoundrel 8/Noble 1 – Base Attack Bonus +6

Level 9 Character Feat – Recurring Success (Opportunistic Strike): This feat lets you pick a feat or talent that can only be used once per encounter. This feat lets you use it one additional time per encounter. (GoI 28)

Level 10 – Scoundrel 9/Noble 1 – Base Attack Bonus +6

Level 9 Scoundrel Talent – Cheap Shot: Once per encounter, this talent lets you take an attack of opportunity against an enemy that withdraws from an ally as long as that opponent is within point blank range. (KOTORCG 27)

Level 11 – Scoundrel 9/Noble 1/Corporate Agent 1

Level 1 Corporate Agent Talent – Impose Hesitation: This talent lets you make a Persuasion check against the Will Defense of all opponents within a 6 square cone, and if successful, any target affected by the talent loses their swift action next turn. (KOTORCG 43)

Level 12 – Scoundrel 9/Noble 1/Corporate Agent 2

Level 12 Feat – Withdrawal Strike: This feat allows you to take an attack of opportunity against a target that takes the withdraw action against you. (KOTORCG 35)

Level 13 – Scoundrel 9/Noble 1/Corporate Agent 3

Level 3 Corporate Agent Talent – Impose Confusion: This talent builds off of Impose Hesitation by increasing the size of the cone to 12 squares. Also, once per encounter, you can cause the targets affected to love their standard actions instead of their swift actions. (KOTORCG 43)

Really, the rest of the build can go in whatever direction you want it to. I’d recommend taking another use of Recurring Success at 15th level picking up a second use of Cheap Shot once per encounter, but aside from that, take what you want to tweak it to your specifications. If you’re having a hard time hitting on those attacks of opportunity, you may want some Soldier levels. If you want to throw some penalties on top of the denied actions, the Noble has some neat talents for you to look at. So, looking at the character, we have several tactics we can use to take away an opponent’s action. You start off with Revolutionary Rhetoric to halt an opponent’s standard action, and you eventually get several more ways to deny opponents other actions, and you can even do it on their turn with the Demoralizing Strike feat and the Rant talent. Some GMs may rule it a little bit differently, but the talent does state that it affects them on their NEXT turn, and then if your turn comes up before him, you can semi-regularly deny him two of his three actions. Like I said though, some GMs may rule it differently, so run it by them before you pursue this build to find out what his take on it is going to be.

And so there you have the De-Buffer focusing on Action Denial. I’ll be back soon with the “Penalty Giver” build for the De-Buffer.


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