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AGE Of Heroes

Justice League – ASSEMBLE!

I don’t usually run Superhero games. It’s never really been my preferred genre.

But I do sometimes get the urge to run comic book villains, and no other genre does it quite as well. The problem is, I’ve never really been able to find a system that does IT for me. There’s lot of games out there that I’ve taken a look at that are interesting, but I’ve so far seen nothing that has made me say “I need to get that on the table!”  The closest I’ve been able to come to this feeling is the GODLIKE/Wild Talents games written by Greg Stolze. This performs admirably and I have a blast every time I run it (as do my players), but the fact that it’s so frelling lethal makes it hard for characters to feel sufficiently… well, super.*

So, I was paging through some rulebooks the other night as I often do for inspiration on some completely unrelated stuff. I wound up in the Dragon Age Set 1 Players Handbook from Green Ronin Pubishing. I don’t know why, but my mind suddenly made the connection, and a lightbulb went off in my head.

“These character backgrounds are practically begging to be used as superhero origins!”

From there, it continued to snowball. As I looked at the book, a number of things immediately jumped to my mind making me believe that this is the perfect system for superhero roleplaying.

-The three class system of Warrior, Mage, and Rogue can be retrofitted to work with the Bruiser, Blaster, and Acrobat hero archetypes.

-Talents as they are written give a natural progression to abilities that scale. Superpowers could easily fit into these existing molds with few problems (the biggest being on making them general enough without making them too general and filling most of a sixty page book).

-Stunts. Well, do I really have to say anything about stunts? I have heard more good things about the stunt system (and witnessed it firsthand I should add) than anything else about this game.

-The game’s fast, not overly lethal, but tough enough that players aren’t not going to be challenged. The small number of rules allows for fast, fun play and really emphasizes the ‘rule of cool’ which is necessary to a game like this.

So, for the past few days I’ve been slowly picking away at this, and I think I’ve made some serious progress. I’ve got a couple of ideas jotted down for some origins, some talents ready to be filled in with crunch and meat, and I’m looking forward to rolling out a ‘first pass’ document sometime soon** and doing some playtesting on it to refine it. I’ve come across a few stumbling blocks, but nothing that’s been insurmountable yet. And if I’ve made it this far, it doesn’t look like I’ll run into any too bad. I’ll keep you updated, Gamer Nation.


*Note that this is by no means a shot at they system. The game is brilliant, and the lethality of it really reflects well on the kind of game it’s designed to simulate. GODLIKE, for those of you who don’t know is supposed to tell the story of normal men and women who have suddenly developed larger than life powers in the middle of World War II. These powers grant them the ability to do things a normal soldier couldn’t do and survive longer than a normal soldier could hope to. However, as is the nature of war, even the supers have a very short life expectancy when the bullets start flying. To date, I’ve run about a half a dozen GODLIKE one shots. I’ve never not killed a player.

** Sometime within the next few months. Don’t be expecting it next week.


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Star Wars Legacies: The Story So Far…

Yeah. I’ve been really terrible at keeping up with these session recaps. Many apologies for those that have been reading them. The game has not faded, I’ve just been lazy about keeping up on documenting them. So, what you get now is a short recap of the last six or so sessions that have been played in the interim.

Legacy Era

The party was given the assignment of bringing several members of the gang who had left mysteriously down and “made an example of.” They had been going on an absolute spree through the city, murdering and kidnapping dozens of people. Infiltrating the city’s law enforcement office, they were able to find the location of the last set of murders. Talutah was able to track the four rogue gangsters down thanks to her Anzati heritage, following the trail to an abandoned warehouse, wherein, they encountered their targets. The battle was an intense one, and it left all but one of the gangsters dead and the fourth, a Togorian, unconscious. They questioned him as to what was going on, but the bewildered gang banger had absolutely no idea where he was or what he had been doing for the past few days. The last thing he remembered was being contacted by Tsun, and meeting someone else in his office from the larger syndicate. After knocking him out and leaving him for the police, the party returned to their base to find that the source of the money transfers to Tsun’s account had been traced to the next city over, one that was ruled by the larger syndicate family.

Gathering their things, they left to go and find out what they could. As they entered the city, the began hearing rumors about lights coming from a droid shop in the industrial park that had been recently shut down. The party made a plan of attack and moved to investigate, encountering only one man in the shop. After stunning him, they began to search the place, finding it completely abandoned. The security cameras were not live and there was no sign of people having been in the building for a little while. Talutah however entered a second floor above the garage to find dried blood on the wall and a large area that appeared to have been the place for some sort of large object. As they explored the area, they caught sight of the guy they had stunned earlier fleeing the area. They gave chase and wound up at an operational droid factory. Trying to head inside, they were stopped by the foreman who asked what was going on. When they explained that they were chasing a possible fugitive who may have ducked in to hide, he let them into the building to look around, saying that he might have used the turbolift to escape and hide out in the upstairs. The PCs took the turbolift up to be greeted by two men, one in a smart business suit the other wearing heavy armor, both of them glowing malevolently in the Force. The man in the business suit shook his head at the PCs, claiming that they just didn’t know when to leave well enough alone, claiming that his apprentice would prove to be more than enough for them. Then he revealed his insurance policy, and several hidden turbolifts opened behind him and a small squad of stormtroopers stepped out of them. He left the room as the armored man drew a large two handed lightsaber and ignited a crimson red blade.

What could have been a really tough battle was made easier as Talutah gave into her darker emotions and grabbed the apprentice by the throat with the Force, dangling him a few inches above the ground slowly choking the life out of him. R-66Y moved to engage him with his lightsabers after he was effectively defenseless while Jacob revealed a silver bladed lightsaber that no one had seen yet, attacking the stormtroopers with a vengeance, screaming at them for being traitors. The apprentice eventually sagged in Talutah’s grasp and R-66Y ended his life at the point of his lightsaber. The party however was forced to evacuate quickly as one of the stormtroopers leveled his repeater at the open core that powered the plant, and unloading into it. They party barely made it out before the place blew as the core overloaded.

As they were escaping, they found themselves suddenly surrounded by three robed figures. A tense situation was resolved when the assailants identified themselves as Jedi. They brought the party to their hideout before laying into them for blowing their investigation with their brash action. They had been tracking down the Sith Lord who had laid the trap for them for months and had been about to move in and take him out when the PCs interfered. Their contact at port authority had contacted them shortly after the battle telling them that a small ship had taken off. Believing it to be the Sith Lord fleeing, the Jedi told the PCs they would have to go after him while they reported back to their superior and find out what to do next. They were given a ship and the Sith’s transponder codes so he could be tracked and took off, quickly finding out his escape vector and some approximate coordinates to his new location, one that took them deep into the Unknown Regions. They jumped, spending the next week or so in hyperspace.

During the travel, several things came up, including the fact that Talutah was on the run from her Master and that Jacob shared the family name of Fel, that of the current Emperor in Exile.

The party eventually came out of hyperspace and were immediately struck by two things. One was an aging satellite orbiting around a terrestrial world. The second was the gutted hulk of a Venator-class Destroyer used by the Republic during the Clone Wars. They were ordered to land in the satellite where they would be transported to the planet below. Inside the dock, they found the stolen ship, but the few crew they talked to inside didn’t know who it belonged to. They got permission to search the station, even though most of it had been sealed off for years after a battle aboard the station. However, they broke the seals and took a turbolift down into the station, where they encountered a number of creatures they had never seen before. They carried no sense of life, but a strong presence in the dark side of the Force. However, they were quickly dispatched and turned their attention towards a blinking monitor on the wall. They found a video recording of a security feed from years ago. The hit play and watched a small group exit the turbolift into the bowels of the warehouse.

Clone Wars Era

The party quickly began moving through the hallways, the sound of fighting coming from deeper inside the station. After being cut off from Hurrgh when a part of the station collapsed between them, they pressed on, finding a Gungan Jedi knight locked in a fierce battle with several large red-skinned warriors. They joined the battle and dispatched their foes, regrouping afterwards. The Gungan introduced himself as Commander Gee Dan who had been sent over to the station to check it out while the PCs did their thing on the surface.

They pressed deeper into the station, taking another turbolift down to a small room at the bottom. There they encountered a man in heavy armor standing behind what appeared to be an altar of black stone. He looked up at the PCs and without any preamble, drew and ignited a red lightsaber, engaging the PCs. He was a tough foe, but they took him down through superior numbers. As he succumbed to his wounds, he cursed the PCs, telling them that the Eternal Empire would not stop, could not be stopped, and would return.

Legacy Era

The video feed ended the party moved further down into the station, taking the same turbolift to the bottom of the station they had seen in the video. In the same room, they encountered the Sith Lord they had been chasing standing next to the same altar that had been in the security footage. But it seemed to have grown. It now appeared as a column, extending from the floor to the ceiling. Surrounding the column was several bodies, that suddenly jerked and spasmed as something animated their bodies. They attacked the Sith Lord, but at the height of the battle, the station around them shook and the party found themselves bounced around the room before they fell unconscious, the station falling out of the sky.


And that will have to be enough for now. I’ll finish bringing you up to speed on the two most recent sessions in another post. I’ll make sure to do it before another six months has passed though. Promise. Until then Gamer Nation.

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