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Star Wars: Legacies; Session Six Write-Up

New Party Member – Tarpals – Force Sensitive Gungan warrior


This session picked up where the last one left off. The PCs were told to get some rest after their last mission. As they went to talk to their handler the next morning, they heard reports on the local news of a large explosion that happened during the middle of the night. They were still pulling bodies from the wreckage, though considering the area of town that was destroyed, the newscasters stated that it was probably no one that would be missed too terribly.


As they approached their handler, they noticed a Gungan standing next to him. Without offering any introductions, their handler gave them their next mission. They had found someone that could give them some information on Corell Tsun’s financial records. A Rodian information dealer by the name of Chido could get them the information for a price. Due to how adeptly they handled themselves on the last assignment, they were to be given free rein over how they would obtain the information. A meeting had been set up with Chido at the shipping and loading docks.


A short trip later, they walked into the meeting area, a relatively open area just past a parked freight tram. Chido was standing at the far end of the platform, a human bodyguard standing right next to him. The party also noticed several men wearing blaster pistols and carrying vibrodaggers milling about the area as well. Chido caught sight of Tarpals and called out to him, asking how many of them there were. Tarpals signaled back that there were five, and Chido called them over. Talutah marched over to stand in front of the Rodian while the rest of the party hung back and kept a watchful eye over the proceedings.


Chido told them that he had the information that they were looking for. Talutah bluntly asked him what he wanted in exchange for the information. Chido thought for a while, and told them that he did have one thing in mind. He explained that one didn’t survive long in this type of business without attracting certain enemies. One of these enemies in general was beginning to take direct action against him to take him out… a woman named Iella. If they would take her out for him, the information would be there’s.


The PCs began getting some basic information about this woman, gathering intel about where she was based, what sort of defenses she kept, and if there were any vices they could exploit. However, before a plan could be struck, Jacob, R66-Y, and Luro heard some footsteps and hushed voices on the other side of the train. Jacob called out there we were going to have some company shortly. Talutah took the warning to reach out with the Force and see if there were any Force users on the other side of the train. She felt none, but she did feel three within her own ranks. And one of them was not the Mandalorian. Then there were a series of small explosions that forced open the several doors on the freight tram. Several thugs and toughs stepped through with weapons raised, and they were led by a familiar looking, heavily built Duros. Chido cursed, yelling something about a set-up and started running. Red Eye’s goons moved in and started blasting several of Chido’s men. The party moved to begin engaging several of Red Eye’s goons, and then found out they were coming under fire from Chido’s men as well, thinking them to be involved in a set up.


Talutah yanked a large crate off the ground and placed it in front of the door that Red Eye was standing in front of, forcing them to be able to exit the car through a narrow choke point. R66-Y moved to engage Red-Eye in melee combat, pulling out his stun baton. However, Red-Eye pulled out a Force Pike and struck R66-Y a vicious blow, nearly dropping the droid in a single blow. His goon finished the job with a blaster pistol shot, dropping the droid to the ground. As the battle quickly took a turn against them, Talutah used the Force to call to Chido to stop using telepathy. Meanwhile, at the same time she drew on her considerable potential to create the illusion of a full-grown Rancor raising up from the ground on a platform, breaking its chains and taking a lumbering step forward. Then she turned and went after Chido. Chido’s men, seeing the Rancor first broke ranks and ran. A number of Red-Eye’s men also broke ranks after seeing the monster as well, but a few others kept fighting. Luro stepped into the freight car and fired a short burst of autofire, wounding Red-Eye and killing his other man in the room. Red-Eye moved to try and escape, but Luro kept on him, wounding him again. As the rest of the battle wound down, Jacob and Tarpals managed to get into the confrontation with Red-Eye as well, who finally threw his weapons down and raised his hands in surrender. Luro switched his weapon over to stun and knocked the Duros into unconsciousness.


As Talutah continued to chase Chido, the Tarpals and Luro went to R66-Y’s aid, kneeling down beside him to get a good look at the damage. They were surprised to find however, that while the droid carried the requisite gears and circuits that made up the droids body, but it didn’t seem like that was what was powering his body. They couldn’t put their finger on it, but there was something odd about the droid to be sure.


Meanwhile, Talutah managed to get Chido to slow down to the point where she could catch up with him. She managed to convince him that they weren’t with Red-Eye, and in fact, had him in their custody. If he really wanted to find out what the Duros wanted, there was only one way to find out. Chido relented, and took the party back to his base of operations, taking the Duros into his private office. They woke him, and began questioning him. Talutah tried to pump him for information, using the same tactic she had used on Habukh, but only succeeded in knocking the Duros back out. Chido told them to get some rest in exchange for helping with the fight and that he would get them when the Duros awoke.


After a few hours the Duros woke back up, and the party was called back into Chido’s office. They began questioning him again, but they weren’t able to make much headway in breaking his will. Finally, R66-Y moved in front of him, waved his hand and told Red-Eye that he wanted to tell them why he was at the meeting. Red-Eye spilled his guts after that, telling the party that Tsun wanted them out of the picture for poking their noses where it didn’t belong. However, he didn’t know any more information than that, like who his boss was actually working for. With that information in hand, Chido agreed to give the PCs the information they had came for without any further cost to them and let them go. He told them he’d take care of Red-Eye. As the party left his office and made it halfway across the main floor of Chido’s headquarters, they heard a blaster shot from his office.


As the party got back to their base and analyzed the data, they found the usual deposits into Tsun’s account, including the money he was taking from the larger syndicates. However, they also found several large deposits that only carried the letter “S” as their source. Their handler told them they would analyze this data a little further and see if they couldn’t come up with a plan of attack to tackle Tsun and find out what was going on. However, in the meantime, they had several veteran members of the gang that had recently turned on them and left the organization. It was yet unknown whether or not they were going to join another faction or start their own, but they needed to be made an example of. The PCs were to find them, and execute them with extreme prejudice. This marked the end of the session, with the new mission leaving a sour taste in the mouths of several of the party members.




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