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Star Wars: Legacies; Session Five Write Up

Session Five Write-Up

Dramatis Personae

Tahluta – Anzat Force Wizard

Luro Clan Voltan – Mandalorian Forward Scout

Jacob – Human Force Sensitive Warrior

R66-Y – Droid


The morning dawns on the planet Rikosh, and the party finds themselves in one of the garages that one of the local city gangs uses as a base. For whatever reason, they’ve found themselves forced into hiding on this planet and forced into the service of one of the local gang bosses. They stand in front of one of their direct superiors who has a very bewildered looking ASP Series Labor Droid standing next to him. They are told they need to deliver the droid to a contact on the other side of the city, where he will have some necessary data retrieved from his memory core. Unfortunately, the droid has some “issues” as their superior terms it with its internal systems. If the droid is jostled too much, the memory core might be disrupted and the data contained within lost. For that reason, they need to walk the droid across town instead of taking an air or landspeeder. With that, he leaves the party with the droid, who finally seems to notice them, and asks them a question they will come to hate really quickly.


“What do you require of me?”


Jacob answers “Nothing right now. Just sit there.” The droid then proceeds to sit down on the floor as the rest of the PCs look on dumbfounded, and beginning to have a growing sense of dread for the walk across town.


The walk was fairly uneventful, the droid getting distracted numerous times by various people and places outside. At one point, Tahluta snaps her fingers at the droid and yells at him to focus. At this the droid turns his gaze to her and zooms in with his photoreceptors, following it up with “What do you require of me?”


The party crossed into an area that was heavily contested between several of the gangs in the city, and eventually found themselves in a rival’s territory, that of the Stars by the looks of the tags on the wall. Eyes and ears perked for danger, they moved slowly, knowing they were only blocks away from their destination. Suddenly Jacob, Luro, and R66-Y turned around, hearing footsteps coming up behind them. They saw a motley collection of individuals moving towards them, three Duros, two Humans, and an Aqualish. The Aqualish stepped forward and demanded the party hand over the droid, which they outright refused. The Aqualish responded “Then we’ll just take it from you,” and the enemy pulled blasters and vibrodaggers. The Aqualish surged ahead and took a shot at Luro, who had ducked behind several garbage cans, which stopped the blaster shot. The three Duros moved forward next, the two with blades moving towards the party and the one with the pistol grabbed some cover and took another shot at Luro.


Tahluta grabbed the labor droids hand and ran around the corner, finding a small warehouse to hide in. As she was messing with the door controls, the droid looked at her and the following exchange happened.


Droid: What do you require of me.

Tahluta: Just be quiet!

*The droid looks at Tahluta as if he has something more to say*

Tahluta: *sighing* Fine. Speak.

Droid: It is imperative that I am not damaged in any way.

Tahluta: I’m well aware of that.

Droid: No. You do not fully understand.


At this point, the droid opens up a previously hidden hatch before leading to some amount of internal storage. Tahluta’s eyes grow wide as she realizes the droid is stuffed with enough high grade explosive to level half a city block.  The quickly moves the droid into the warehouse, blocks the other entrance with heavy shipping crates, and then proceeds to cover the other door, her hand in the folds of her robe clutching her lightsaber.


Meanwhile, the battle raged outside. Jacob and R66-Y surged forward to engage their opponents in melee, Jacob clutching a spear and R66-Y a stun baton. Luro meanwhile stuck behind cover and took some shots with his own heavy blaster pistol, putting some serious hurt downrange and wound up dropping four of the five enemies that weren’t able to run away. The Aqualish didn’t go down without a fight though, dropping Jacob, who was already battered from carbine fire from several of the enemy toughs. In the end though, the Aqualish wasn’t able to withstand a critical hit from Luro’s hand cannon.


After the battle, Luro took a quick look at the bodies and noticed the insignia patch on their shoulders. It was that of the Vipers, another of the five gangs in the contest for control of the city, and not the Stars. What the Viper’s were doing in another gang’s territory was anyone’s guess, but it was more disturbing that they knew about and wanted the droid bad enough to die for it. Jacob stirred and got groggily to his feet, and with the aid of the other two, moved to find Tahluta and the droid. They were immediately informed of the droid’s “information” and they immediately struck off to find their contact, who they found looking about worriedly after the gunfire he had just heard. They mentioned that they had just been attacked by members of the Vipers. Their contact guessed that there was probably a mole in their own gang. He would have to be exposed, and it would have to be “ascertained” who he was working for. He told them that he would leave the course of their investigation up to them while he finished what he needed with the droid.


They launched their investigation, and despite Jacob nearly blowing it open right away, they managed to follow a Viper back to his base of operations where they noticed Habukh, a new member of their gang heading into the building. It wasn’t hard to figure out that he must be the mole and so they put together a quick plan to get him outside and into their custody. R66-Y approached the guards at the door, doing his best impression of a courier droid and told them he had a message to be delivered to Habukh. One of the guards called him out. Jacob used the Force to create a small noise to distract the guards and planted a small suggestion that they should go and check it out, at which point Luro sneaked up behind Habukh and knocked him out with a blow from a stun baton. They quickly dragged the body into the alleyway and found an unused warehouse where they could interrogate him. They quickly secured him to a chair and woke him up. Without any preamble, Tahluta straddled him, put her face close to his, and snaked her proboscis up his nostrils and began feeding on his soup, adding the underlying threat that there would be more of this to come if he didn’t cooperate. R66-Y tried to make him spill the beans on what he knew, but he flat out refused to talk. Jacob tapped into his darker emotions and used the power of the Force to wrack Habukh with pains while Luro kept a lookout. Taluhta and R66-Y finally broke him and he spilled the information. He wasn’t working directly for the Vipers. But he didn’t really know who he was working for. He was hired and the jobs given to him by an intermediary. One further complication: He didn’t know this person’s name either. He just knew that he went by Red Eye.


So, their investigation now took on the focus of finding out who Red Eye was and finding out who he worked for. Jacob stopped into a local cantina and poked around for information, asking the bartender if he had ever heard of him, sliding him a few credits for any information. The bartender leaned in close and said that he was a fairly common sight around the loading docks. When asked what he looked like, the bartended responded that he was a big, bulky specimen of a Duros.


They headed down to the docks, and saw him taking a walk around the area. Luro tailed him as he took the walk through the docks and all the way back to the government district, where he went into a building, pushed a button on one of the directories, and was let in remotely. Luro brought the rest of the party to the building. Tahluta tried to peer through the door and see which button he had pressed, but the typeface was just too small. So, R66-Y put on his best bewildered droid impression and wandered into the lobby and took a look at the door. He drew the attention of the guards, but was able to deflect attention by wandering around the lobby, stopping awkwardly at several other places, and leaving. He noticed that the label on the button Red Eye had pressed was for the Office of Mr. Tsun. As Jacob tried in vain to recall the name and what he was in the grand scheme of the government of the city, several large figures approached them; two Gamorreans and an incredibly built Human. They walked directly up to the party and said:


Enforcer: Mr. Tsun knows you’ve been asking some questions. For your own well-being, you’d best stop.

Tahluka: *waving her hand* We are not causing any problems here. You have the wrong people.

Enforcer: *binking* I guess you guys are alright. I must have you pegged wrong.


With that, he barked an order to the Gamorreans and the three of them left. The party gathered themselves when Luro’s comlink crackled to life. It was the voice of their boss, demanding to know what had come of their investigation. They told him all they had found out. There was a brief moment of silence before their boss told them that Mr. Tsun’s full name was Corell Tsun, a low level financial bureaucrat with connections to the bigger mobs. If he was getting involved in the goings on of the gangs in the city, it could only mean that the larger syndicates were making moves to take power over the smaller areas. He ordered them back to the base so that the situation could be assessed.



This session went really, really well. I had a ball playing the droid up and I think the party enjoyed his antics. The fight proved to be challenging, which is what I wanted (it was a CL 2 level fight, utilizing 3 Thugs from the Core Rulebook, 2 Brutes from Threats of the Galaxy, and a Scoundrel 1/Soldier 2 build for the Aqualish). Luro’s player was on fire, taking out four of the five enemies that were killed (the last thug ran away in the third round of combat, shouting that he wasn’t paid enough for this. And his critical hit to end the combat did well over 30 points of damage. This also feels like it was the session where the entire group “got” skill challenges, and was, in my opinion, the best one I have run yet. I even managed to run a smaller skill challenge inside of a larger one with the interrogation scene. I’m looking forward to next week’s session when I add in a new player to replace the one that dropped the game for personal reasons. I’ve gamed with this guy before, but he moved away when he joined the military a few years back and just moved back into the area. He hasn’t gotten a chance to play Saga Edition yet, so I’m looking forward to teaching him the ropes.



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