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Star Wars: Legacies; Session Four Write-Up

Session Four Write-Up

The day dawned and Dain called the party to the fortress’ CIC to explain the plan. He would be taking his force around to the front of the city and launch an attack, attempting to draw as much of the attention off of the party as possible. Meanwhile, they would utilize the distraction in order to infiltrate the city and sneak into the government district where they should be able to find the enemy commander.

After reaching the city, Dain and his crew launched their attack. The party noticed most of the occupying forces heading to the front of the wall in order to help defend the city. The party noticed only token forces on their areas of the wall along with mostly destroyed defense emplacements. They also noticed a particularly large “scar” in the wall that could be easily scaled by most anyone to get atop and back over, which they proceeded to take advantage of, through a combination of stealth and gusto. They found themselves in a lower class section of the city, with fewer patrols and some more partisan and resistance forces. Roz was able to find several locals and talk them into causing a distraction while Biro moved among several of the parked speeder bikes, disabling them. Hurrgh meanwhile kept a watch from the rooftops. Before long, they found themselves in the city proper, barely missing an encounter with a patrol. A well timed use of the Force by Roz sent them off in the opposite direction to get more forces to investigate a noise they “heard.”

Shortly thereafter, the party found themselves in the plaza outside of city hall. The enemy forces were entrenched, and a fierce firefight ensued. (The battle was well over a month ago, so any specifics are pretty much gone, but let’s just suffice to say that it was a tough encounter for five PCs, and one wasn’t able to make it due to weather conditions. However, thanks to a healthy supply of Destiny Points, they managed to rout the enemy forces. This was also the first time I experimented with Vehicle Fire Effects from Galaxy at War. Kinda forgot about the vehicles in the end though, and dropped the ball when they went to deal with them at the end of the combat.)

After the combat, Dain brought his forces into the plaza and with the aid of the PCs, retook the city hall. Unfortunately, it turned out the enemy commander was not there. He had taken off in a shuttle to the space station above the planet. Dain asked the party to head up there and stop him while they tried to take control of the planet back from the ground.

The PCs headed up to the station and immediately began looking for the enemy, but it seemed that no one there had seen him. No one even remembered how the other shuttle in the hangar had gotten there. This fact, combined with some telltale signs of sabotage in the takeoff/landing logs led the PCs to believe that he had to be here. They took a service elevator into the bowels of the station. The doors opened, and the scene faded to black.

This session marked the end of the first part of the Clone Wars era arc, and the end of the campaign for the calendar year due to holidays and school breaks. Play picked up yesterday. The play report on that session will be coming tomorrow.


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