Star Wars: Now With… Dragons?

Not quite. Found myself in a conversation yesterday morning over Twitter with @newbiedm about a very interesting proposition, and one that had come to my mind much earlier, but had abandoned for some reason or another. Porting Star Wars to the AGE system.

For those of you uninitiated, the AGE system is what was developed by Chris Pramas for the Dragon Age Roleplaying Game published by Green Ronin Publishing. He brought up the idea of Star Wars AGE after someone released a very well done version of Mystara, the Known World for AGE.

Hearing that other people were interested in this idea as well galvanized me a little bit. After batting some ideas back and forth, namely how to handle the inclusion of the Force in the game, I found myself furiously scribbling notes and paging through the Dragon Age books as well as the copies of my old WEG books for Star Wars.

While the development is coming a lot easier than I ever dreamed it would, it’s still no where near complete. But I figured I would post up some of the basic stuff I’ve been working on to whet your appetites a little bit for things to come.

Like the Dragon Age game, there are only three classes. These are the Noble, the Scoundrel, and the Soldier. Species selection (as well as Droids) will all be handled through the background system, with broad strokes such as Wookiee Sidekick, Astromech Droid, Protocol Droid, Corellian Pilot, Bothan Spy, Gungan Warrior, etc etc.

The toughest part about this was figuring out how the Force would work. I finally settled on letting the player decide if their character was going to be Force Sensitive right out of the gate. If they wanted to, they could at no additional charge, and they would have access to the Force talents (Control, Sense, and Alter). If they didn’t want to at creation, but decided they wanted to become Force Sensitive at a later point (awakening to their latent power as it were), they could, but it would require them to sacrifice a talent slot and find a teacher. After that, they would have access to the same talents as any other Force Sensitive character. When you take the novice rank in either Control, Sense, or Alter, you get an associated ability, as well as three Force powers grounded in that discipline. Control powers will include things like Accelerated Healing, Force Trance, Detoxify Poison, Reduce Wound, etc. Sense Powers will include things like Telepathy, Mind Trick, and Beast Languages. Alter will include the combat powers, like Force Slam, Force Thrust, Telekinesis, and even Force Grip. Each time you take another rank in one of those talents, you get more associated powers.

Jedi will come into play through specializations. If you are Force Sensitive and can find training, you can take a Jedi specialization when you qualify. The Noble can specialize into Jedi Consular. The Scoundrel gets the Jedi Sentinel specialization. And finally, the Soldier gets the Jedi Guardian specialization.

Look familiar? They should. These are the broad three types of Jedi throughout the Old Republic, made most popular by the Knights of the Old Republic video games. Jedi specialization will also open up the Lightsabers Group proficiency for your character.

A lot of the focuses and talents can be used as written, with a little bit of flavor text rewritten. A few need to be scrapped, like all of the Magic focuses and talents and replaced with Force ones.

Speaking of which, the Magic attribute has been completely removed and replaced with the Force attribute. It does the same thing mechanically, but it fits the milieu a lot better.

I’ve been jumping around the past few hours on various pieces of the game, and will probably continue working that way, bouncing back and forth between this and other projects as well (I’ve got about five of them, and as of yesterday, a new appreciation for Google Docs), but I’ll be sure to post more on this as I write.

To leave you with a little taste here’s how the three Force talents appears right now.

Classes: Noble, Scoundrel, Soldier
Requirement: Must be Force-Sensitive, and you must have a teacher
You have begun to study the Jedi discipline of control.

You have become skilled in letting the Force flow through you, allowing it to help you heal from your wounds more quickly. You add your Force score to any healing your receive. Additionally, you gain three Level 1 Control Powers.

Classes: Noble, Scoundrel, Soldier
Requirement: Must be Force-Sensitive, and you must have a teacher
You have begun to study the Jedi discipline of alter.

You can use the Force to lift small objects with basic telekinesis. You can lift an object within 5 yards and weighing less than 5 kilograms. You can move the object, but you cannot manipulate it. For example, you could pick up a blaster, but you could not fire it. You can try to slam the object into an opponent, making a Force (Alter) test against your opponent’s Defense. Success deals 1d3 damage plus your Force score. Additionally, you gain three Level 1 Alter Powers.

Classes: Noble, Scoundrel, Soldier
Requirement: Must be Force-Sensitive, and you must have a teacher
You have begun to study the Jedi discipline of sense.

You can use your basic powers of telepathy to sense the surface emotions of a creature within 10 yards of you, but you cannot influence the creature. For example, you could sense whether or not the Hutt’s goons are agitated, but not if they are agitated at you specifically and you could definitely not use this power to calm an angry Rancor. Additionally, you gain three Level 1 Sense Powers.

Finally, on a personal note, I’d just like to mention that as of last night, I just crested the 10,000 view mark (I was at 10,001 as the date switch). This is a huge milestone for me, and I’d just like to take a moment and thank you, the people that have been coming here and looking at the site and reading what I have to say on roleplaying games. This is what I love to do, and to have you people even give a passing interest is more than I could have ever hoped for. So once again: Thank you. I’ll see you guys at 25,000. Let’s keep this thing growing. I’ll keep posting if you keep reading.



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2 responses to “Star Wars: Now With… Dragons?

  1. Capella

    This is a really interesting idea and I’d love to hear more about it. I really want to play in the Star Wars universe, but Saga, while nice, is a little complicated for someone still new to roleplaying, while the DA system looks easier to pick up.

    • Thanks for the interest! This idea has kind of fallen by the wayside for a little while, but now that I’ve been looking more deeply at the AGE system for a Supers game, I’ve also been thinking about this idea more and more again. Of course, I’ve also thought about Star Wars using the One Roll Engine from Greg Stolze… Then again, I’m of the firm mindset that there’s no such thing as too much Star Wars. Keep looking back here for more updates on this.

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