Star Wars: Legacies; Session Three Write-Up

This was a smaller session, which saw the introduction of a new skill challenge mechanic that I introduced to model the assault on the fortress. Article and rules found here

Reaching the fortress, the wasted no time. They quickly breached the outer wall, punching their speeder through the front gate and ducking behind it to use it as cover from the weapon emplacements. Hurrgh leapt over the speeder and jumped onto the remains of a gun turret and threw his head back, letting out a great bellow, attempting to draw as much of the enemy’s attention as he could. Meanwhile, Biro studied the fortress, noting the various emplacements while Tiss tried to stealthily move to get the main door unlocked and opened. Unfortunately, he was spotted by several enemy soldiers and very nearly gunned down. Raz jumped up on top of the speeder, calling out to the enemy soldiers, using her intense presence and personality to force them to back down and let Tiss open the door. Hurrgh leapt from his position and charged into the now open main hallway, only to receive a bullet in the arm for his troubles. Biro and Carthis moved forward, laying down covering fire for the Wookiee down the hall, and allowing the rest of the party to enter into the fortress. Carthis and Tiss moved towards the garage, attempting to hotwire a downed speeder to be able to use it to blow open the doors to the rest of the complex after Hurrgh failed to force them open. Raz meanwhile took a different path, using a nearby computer terminal to hack into the security systems of the complex and open the cell doors containing the Xerxes forces that were taken prisoner. After that, the fortress was quickly taken back and the enemy dispatched.

Dain requested that the party take up position out back in order to defend against a possible reprisal attack while the rest of his forces finished securing the fortress and getting all the systems back online. Carthis and Tiss jumped into the speeder that they had gotten functioning, Tiss behind the main controls and Carthis standing behind the large caliber machine gun mounted to the back of it. Biro jetted up to the top of the fortress wall in order to take advantage of one of the functioning grenade launchers as well as giving him a better vantage point. Hurrgh climbed in behind the controls of a large gun battery while Raz took a position where she could see an approaching enemy and try to maintain tactical command of the battlefield.

It wasn’t long before two large figures were seen moving towards the base. It was two large, vaguely catlike creatures with eight legs, riders sitting atop them, charging the base. The battle was fierce, Tiss and Carthis engaging one of the beasts, keeping it away from the rest of the party and peppering it with gunfire. However, the speeder was eventually wrecked as the beast rolled it, spilling them onto the ground. While this was going on, concentrated fire from Hurrgh and Biro managed to kill the rider of the other beast, leaving it trying to figure out if the continued fight was worth it. Carthis and Tiss managed to dispatch the other rider with combined small arms fire. Raz meanwhile stepped into the center of the animals, and drawing on deep reserves of heroics, and attempted to catch the attentions of both beasts. Unfortunately for her, one got close enough and ravaged her, leaving her barely clinging to life. The rest of the group brought one of the beasts down through combined fire, and drove the other one off. Biro used his jetpack to get to Raz, pulling out a medpac from his pack as he did, and set about the task of providing a small amount of battlefield first aid, enough to get her inside, where she could rest.

Once inside, Dain told them that the preparations were nearly finished, and they would be able to strike out towards the capital city at first light. He directed the party towards the officers quarters and suggested they all get some sleep to recover from the battle.


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