New Talents

A smaller update today, but I just wanted to get these out there. Here’s a few new talents that I came up with at work last night. Mind you that none of these have been playtested in any sense of the word, but if you like the thought, feel free to plop ’em into your games and let me know what they do for ya. This will probably become a slightly more regular thing as I look at the existing rules and attempt to fill in some cracks that may or may not actually be there.

Force Talent

    Control Talent Tree

Force Wellspring: The Force flows through you in mysterious, strong ways, allowing you to perform feats that would greatly tax others more easily. Once per encounter, you can activate a Force Power as if you had spent a Force Point to modify it without spending a Force Point. This only affects powers that can have their effects modified by spending a Force Point, such as Force thrust and move object.
Prerequisites: Force Harmony (JATM 16), Force Point Recovery Force technique.

Noble Talent

    Influence Talent Tree

Parlay: Once per encounter, you may use the Change Attitude application of the Persuasion skill against a target a second time.
Prerequisites: Presence, Silver Tongue feat

Jedi Talent

    Lightsaber Combat Talent Tree

Rapid Riposte: You can use the Riposte talent a number of times equal to your Dexterity modifier (minimum 1) an encounter. You may still only use this talent once per round.
Prerequisites: Riposte, Combat Reflexes feat


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