I Hate My Brain Sometimes

Here’s a small update before my big post hits tonight (and the promised full story of something I hinted at on my Facebook earlier this morning).

Yesterday, I downloaded Flogging Molly’s albums onto my Zune to get some fresh tunes for work. As I was listening to Rebels of the Sacred Heart, my mind grabbed onto the last part of the name of the song, and started thinking of Scrubs, and the hospital of the same name. Then, for some reason, my mind latched onto the first part of the song, and I started thinking about Star Wars. And then, these two disparate thoughts became inextricably intertwined. I began to start assigning necessary feats and talents from Star Wars Saga Edition to the characters in the show… and then I seriously began thinking about running with this and making it my next Con game (since Hard Contact is looking like it’s going to be an absolute meat grinder of a module when I’m finally finished with it this time). Just think about it.

Bob Kelso is most definitely a Sith Lord, shunning the appellation of “Darth” because he likes hearing the sound of his own name too much.

Janitor is most definitely an antagonist built using scoundrel levels and wielding his trusty “knife-wrench.”

The Todd is a soldier with at least one of the Martial Arts feats, representing his repeating ability to make other’s hands hurt after high-fiving them.

Finally, you can’t name two characters more deserving of the “Rant” talent than either Dr. Cox or Carla.

I don’t know if anything will come of this or not, or if it’s simply some fleeting thought that I’ll never be able to nail down permanently, but it was too great a thought not to share.


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