Star Wars: Legacies; Session One Write-Up

I finally got my new Star Wars game that I’ve been working on for some time started last night. The basic idea is to have the players explore their own legacy through five characters in six eras of play, connected with some watershed events. It’s the most ambitious project I’ve ever run, and as I told my players, it could wind up working very well, or it could wind up failing spectacularly. Only their vested interest and willingness to explore their characters will tell.

For purposes of the game, I’ve kept the definition of “legacy” very loose so the characters can play the kind of characters that they want to play. I have one player who is connecting her characters through a philosophy on the Force. One is connected his characters through various bloodlines. Another is connecting his characters through shared research towards a common end in the final era. One is connecting his character through a Mandalorian clan. The final is connecting her characters through a mercenary group. The game is starting in Clone Wars.

The Dramatis Personae of the Era

Carthis – a human from Kilia IV, and member of the Kilian Rangers out to give his aid to the Republic and further his training
Raz Oeselle – a Force sensitive umbaran noble and senator from the rebuilt world of Taris
Biro clan Voltan – a human Mandalorian engineer, pilot, and jet pack warrior
Tiss – a brilliant mrlssi mechanic and droid specialist
Hurrgh – the known name of a wookiee martial artist and mercenary soldier

The scene opens above the planet Saleucami, large lines of warships arrayed in lines opposite each other. The respective commands are given, and the weapon batteries flare to life, filling the darkness of space with deadly flashes of incandescence. Starfighter squadrons race towards each other, engaging in a deadly and frantic furball in between the larger ships, attempting to clear a path for the heavy assault craft to begin their close range attack runs against the capital ships. Middle sized craft engage in the battle in any number of ways, moving into areas of heavy fighting to assist with their own weapons or to find cracks in the enemy lines and break through to attain superior positioning. Explosions large and small take place as the larger ships start to lose their shields and other critical systems while the smaller craft simply disappear in balls of flame. The Force practically screams with the loss of life as the battle continues to rage.

On the surface of the planet, two figures meet, one a large green skinned humanoid dressed in what appears to be armored life support gear, and the other a battle droid bearing the distinctive markings of an officer. They speak to each other in heavily modulated voices.

“The Republic forces cannot be allowed to break through our defenses. The cloning facilities must be protected at all costs. Arm the ion cannon and prepare the droid armies for battle.”

“Roger, roger. I’ll see to it personally. There will be no one to stop us this time.

Aboard the Republic flagship, the acting admiral approaches a motley collection of five figures. Without any preamble, he begins speaking.

“A planetary ion cannon is preventing us from getting a ship close enough to the planet to land an occupying force. However, a small ship can breach their lines and avoid the cannon fire. You five will take a small contingent of clones with you and establish a beachhead. Help to defend it against the initial attacks until we can land some more forces. After that point, you will be relieved of your command duties planetside and report back to the Singularity, where you will be given new orders. If there are no questions, you may fall out to the docking bay.”

The party heads down to the docking bay to see a small platoon of clones loading supplies and materiel onto a Gallofree Medium class transport. Biro sighed when he realized that this is what they’d be piloting to breach the enemy lines, but was heartened slightly when he heard that they would be receiving escort from a flight of ARC-170 starfighters. The Deck Officer filled the group in on the rest of the mission, telling them the supplies and materiel were to establish a beach head and a preliminary command center and barracks to support more troops that were to be shuttled down in small groups. After a large enough force has been gathered, the clones mission will be to find a way to take out that ion cannon. Armed with this knowledge, the crew boarded the transport. Biro took the helm while Carthis slid into the co-pilots seat. Tiss scurried down to engineering while Hurrgh climbed into the gunner’s seat. Raz slid into the commander’s chair.

It wasn’t long before they noticed a flight of vulture droids angling towards their position. Several of the droid ships paired off with the Republic starfighters, where they were destroyed in short order, but about three of them stayed with the medium transport. Raz noticed a gap between several of the droid control ships in orbit the transport could squeak through and ordered the ship through it before the route was closed off. Biro and Carthis poured some power into the engines in order to try and lose the droid ships. The droid ships flew past them and began pouring laser fire into the transport. Several of the blasts began to weaken the shields of the craft and causing some minor hull damage. Tiss worked more power to the shields while Hurrgh tried in vain to keep the droid ships off of them with the point defense banks on the ship, but the poor targeting system coupled with his unfamiliarity with shipboard weaponry proved to be ineffective against the agile craft. Biro attempted to push the engines even harder but the continued strain proved to be too much, and the engines nearly gave out. He cut the power back to normal and hoped the droid ships would leave them alone after the first pass. However, the fighters turned around and locked on with their missiles. Two of them shot past, turning around to make another pass, while the third one slammed into the ship, the explosion ripping through the shields and into the hull, causing a few small hull breaches which Tiss went to work locking down. However, they had some space on the droid ships, so Biro shunted all the auxiliary power into the engines and made a dash towards the gap between the control ships. The two remaining missiles tried to keep up, but missed, exploding harmlessly past the ship. Biro continued shoving all power to the engines while Tiss continued repairing the damage done to them earlier as they sped past the droid control ships and into the atmosphere of Saleucami.

Unfortunately, Biro quickly discovered that the damage done to the ship by the missile coupled with the speed of their planetfall caused the battle repairs to break free and caused even more damage to the ship, forcing them to land at the first convenient spot. As they got out and surveyed their surroundings, they made the judgment that it was nowhere near suitable for a command center, even for a droid army. It was too open to defend and there was no supply of fresh water, which would cause too great a strain on the Republic supplies. As they mulled this over, a clone who was manning the sensor suite announced the presence of a decent sized water supply a couple of klicks to the east. They couldn’t fly the ship there, but they could unload the materiel into the several repulsor sleds and hike it there themselves. They decided to send their scouts out first on speeders to check the area and make sure it was a good spot. It was reported back the water supply wasn’t fresh, but could be easily purified and the area was atop a small mesa with two small approaches, easily defensible. They also warned of droid activity noticed on their way to the site, most likely an advance force coming to check on the ship that just touched down. They quickly unloaded the supplies and left most of their forces with the ship to defend it against any possible droid attacks until it could be repaired, and then they set off.

About halfway into the journey, the sharp eyes and ears of Biro and Raz managed to keep the group from being taken totally by surprise by the force of droids that the scouts had warned them about, a group of B1 and B2 series battle droids. Weapons were drawn and initiative was rolled.

The heroes and their allies
The heroes and their allies

The droid forces
The droid forces

Raz immediately moved into a position of superior cover while Biro ignited his jet pack and took to the skies, laying some blistering fire with his carbine into one of the B2 droids downrange, damaging the droid. Tiss moved into a position and finished off that droid with his heavy blaster pistol while the rest of the clones and droids moved into areas of cover and began engaging. Carthis used his skills with the shield gauntlet to deflect the first of the attacks sent his direction, but proceeded to take a minor burn before paying the droid back in kind with a shot from his Siang Lance. Hurrgh let out a battle cry and charged into the midst of the droids, looking to take some apart with his hands.

The battle is joined
The battle is joined

Hurrgh charging the enemy forces
Hurrgh charging the enemy forces

Raz leaned out to try to pick off a B1 droid with her blaster pistol, hitting the droid, but not solidly enough to put it down. She ducked behind the natural wall afforded to her by one of the rock mesas to avoid any return fire, not noticing one of the B1 droids looping around the mesa to bring the fight to her. Biro laid some coverfire over the wookiee’s shoulder into several of the other droids standing there, destroying one of the B1s and damaging another one of the B2 droids. Tiss leaned out and lined up a shot with his pistol, striking a B1 droid in the perfect spot, overloading his internal components and causing the droid to literally explode from the inside (a critical hit). Carthis finished off the droid Raz damaged just seconds earlier as a second B2 droid moved into attack the wookiee, who took a nasty wound. Carthis was wounded again as well, fairly severely, dropping the young man to one knee. However, Hurrgh paid back his attacker by grabbing the droid by the shoulder and yanking it out of its socket as he slammed his fist into its face, finishing it off. The wookiee was wounded once more in the exchange.

A close up of Hurrgh and an opponent
A close up of Hurrgh and an opponent

Carthis moving in to help the wookiee... or steal some glory. Who knows?
Carthis moving in to help the wookiee… or steal some glory. Who knows?

Raz finally noticed the droid attempting to sneak up on her and took it down with a well placed shot from her pistol. Meanwhile, the battle almost won, Tiss commanded several of the clones to help him load a downed B2 droid into the repulsor sled while Biro landed next to him. Carthis got back to his feet and charged the last remaining opponent, spearing him with the Siang Lance, but not quite putting him down. Hurrgh attempted to finish him off, but was reeling from his last wound and just missed. Biro hopped into range, and finished off the last remaining droid with a hail of blaster fire, cutting it nearly in two.

Victory for the Republic!
Victory for the Republic!

Tiss finished up loading two of the B2 droids into the cart, one to tinker with and one to reprogram as a bodyguard for Raz at her request. The rest of the group caught their breath, tended to their wounds, and regrouped themselves before making the rest of the trek to their destination, reaching it without further incident.

The command center was put up in short order and communications with the Republic flagship were established. The admiral ordered the PCs back to the Singularity immediately. The space battle going poorly for the Separatist forces, several of the larger remaining warships had taken to using their gravity well generators to capture asteroids in the system and were hurling them towards the planet, either hoping to catch some of the Republics ships in the attacks, cause difficulty landing for the forces, or to destroy something the CIS didn’t want the Republic to find. They were to take command of the destroyer and engage these warships, the rest of the navy still locked in combat with the remaining CIS forces. A shuttle was being sent down with their replacements groundside to take them to their next command post…

And that’s where the first session ended. It was largely an excuse for them to roll some dice and get reacquainted with the system again (none of them having played since about April). In the next session , the main plot of the era begins to kick in. Anyway, next session is in two weeks. Looking forward to it.


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