Exploring the Legacy

I always get nervous right before I start running a new game, and this one is no exception. In fact, this one has me a bit more nervous than usual, because the game in and of itself is an experiment that could either work incredibly well or collapse and fail completely. Only time will tell.

The idea behind this one: The PCs will be playing and exploring their own “legacies” throughout the campaign. The five characters they will be playing in this quest will be taking their place in events in six of the major eras, with the Clone Wars PCs doing double duty in the early Dark Times as well. Not only will the characters be connected throughout the various timelines by the “legacy” (which I am being very lenient in defining so that the players can have the characters that they want), but they will also be connected by various story elements that will run through each of the eras as well.

You can expect some write-ups, both here and on the Adventures section of the d20 Radio Forums as well as some breakdowns of things that I felt worked particularly well and things that didn’t go so well from various sessions.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and finish up a couple of things, and then do some playing around with some music.




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