Time is Running Out

GenCon is just around the corner. And that means another year of ENnies voting. I came into the party a little bit late, but even if you’re like me, you still have time. Voting closes at midnight on July 25th, so you still have about 18 hours to go and vote. If you’re unsure of what to vote for, might I make some recommendations.

Podcast – The Power Source: Host Jared Glenn really puts a lot of work and a lot of heart into this podcast, and it really does show both in the quality and the content. He really cares about the game, and the hobby in general.

Cartography and Best Miniatures Product – Maps of Mastery: Swamp Caves: This is one side of mapmaker extraordinaire Christopher West’s Forsaken Lands poster map. This side is a doozy, with tons of applications for both minis play and as a battlemap for tabletops. I can’t recommend this map highly enough, even though I got my butt handed to me the one time I’ve thrown down some minis on it.

Best Supplement – Rebellion Era Campaign Guide: This book, released midway through the Star Wars Saga Edition line was really, really good, despite being a fairly short book. Great new talents, second wind feats, and the destiny replacing background alternate system, this book helps to capture the feeling desired by for games set in this era.

So go on and vote. It’s things like this that help to keep the hobby alive, Gamer Nation.

I Voted


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