Build of the Week: The Wookiee Battlerager

Ever since I read the Wruushi Training feat from Galaxy at War, I’ve wanted to build a Wookiee martial artist. This is simply too cool a feat to ignore. Seeing as how I’ve yet to be in a Saga game where I’m not the GM though, this is going to be my outlet.

When I envision a Wookiee martial artist, I think of a combatant who is able to charge into battle quickly and take their opponents down even more quickly, and those that are going to take some extra time to soften up are going to be left reeling from the ferocity of it all. I also see a combatant who isn’t afraid to give into his feelings and let his rage take over when it’s necessary. Finally, I see a combatant who can literally take things apart with his bare hands, be they people or objects.

The Wookiee Battlerager

Species: Wookiee. This one is obvious. It’s the requirement for taking the Wruushi Training feat and one of the only species with the rage ability (and indeed, the only species if your looking at the Core Rulebook only).

Starting Ability Scores

Strength – 18

Dexterity – 10

Consitution – 16

Intelligence – 12

Wisdom – 9

Charisma – 8

This may look like a tough build to pull off with a small point buy, but it’s really not so bad. Strength and Constitution are going to be your heavy lifters. As long as you keep hitting the bad guy, you’re going to be getting temporary hit points each round. Add that on with the Damage Reduction granted by virtue of the Elite Trooper prestige class and suddenly, having a high Reflex Defense isn’t all that necessary. Yeah, you’re still going to be hurting after a combat, but that’s what medical droids are for. An Intelligence of 12 right off the bat is expensive, but the extra trained skill helps, and you need an Intelligence of 13 to do the level dip into the Martial Arts Master prestige class.

Starting Trained Skills





Straight up, you’re a physical character. Take the skills that play off your racial strengths as well as your Strength score.

Level Progression

Level 1 – Soldier 1

Starting Feats: Armor Proficiency (light, medium), Weapon Proficiency (pistols, rifles, simple weapons)

Level 1 Feat: Martial Arts I – The Martial Arts feats are the be all, end all feats for you. Upping your unarmed damage is very necessary to keep up the damage output and every one of these you take helps shore up your Reflex Defense a little bit.

Level 1 Soldier Talent: Melee Smash – As well as opening up the Stunning Strike talent, this simply adds another point of damage done with your melee attacks.

Level 2 – Soldier 1/Scout 1

Bonus Feat: Shake it Off – This feat lowers the time required to use the Recover action from three swift actions to two.

Level 1 Scout Talent: Longstrider – As long as you are in light armor, or no armor, you get a +2 bonus to your speed, helping you to get into the face of the biggest and baddest person of the battlefield (well, besides you).

Level 3 – Soldier 2/Scout 1

Level 3 Feat – Wruushi Training: This is the feat that everything else in this build hinges around, and why we took the Wookiee as our species. This feat gives you bonus hit points equal to your Constitution modifier when you successfully hit your opponent with your unarmed strike. If you can keep hitting, it’s like having a few points of SR that you can replenish by hitting someone.

Level 2 Solder Bonus Feat: Flurry – This feat gives you a bonus to your attack roll in exchange for taking a penalty to your Reflex Defense, which seems like the perfect tactic for a battlerager. Additionally, this replaces the worthless to you Point Blank Shot feat for entry into the Elite Trooper prestige class.

Level 4 – Soldier 3/Scout 1

Ability Score Increases: +1 Strength, +1 Intelligence

Level 3 Soldier Talent: Stunning Strike – This talent lets you move the opponent multiple steps down the Condition Track if you beat their damage threshold with your melee attack, which can help put an opponent down faster.

Level 5 – Soldier 4/Scout 1

Level 4 Soldier Bonus Feat: Martial Arts II – More damage with your fists and another point of Reflex Defense.

Level 6 – Soldier 5/Scout 1

Level 6 Feat: Melee Defense – This talent lets you trade attack bonus for Reflex Defense. The tactic doesn’t seem very apropos for the build, but it satisfies the final requirement for the Martial Arts Master prestige class.

Level 5 Soldier Talent: Unrelenting Assault – Even if you miss your opponent with a melee attack, you still deal damage to him equal to your Strength modifier, which, with this species, isn’t a small amount.

Level 7 – Soldier 6/Scout 1

Level 6 Soldier Bonus Feat: Double Attack (simple weapons) – In exchange for taking a penalty to both attack rolls, you get a second attack against the same opponent (or a different one within your reach) as a full round action. This is great if you don’t need to move into range of an enemy.

Level 8 – Soldier 7/Scout 1

Ability Score Increases: +1 Strength, +1 Constitution

Level 7 Soldier Talent: Indomitable – Even with the Recover action taking you less time, being able to pop up to the top of the track once per day as a swift action is no mean ability to have.

Level 9 – Soldier 8/Scout 1

Level 9 Feat: Martial Arts III – More damage with your fists, and another point to Reflex Defense.

Level 8 Solder Bonus Feat: Fortifying Recovery – This feat allows you to heal hit point damage when you take the Recovery action to a tune of 2 x your Constitution modifier.

Level 10 – Soldier 8/Scout 1/Elite Trooper 1

Level 1 Elite Trooper Talent : Teras Kasi Basics – This talent gives you an extra die of damage to your unarmed attacks, allowing you to keep the hurt coming as you progress in level.

Level 11 – Soldier 8/Scout 1/Elite Trooper 1/Martial Arts Master 1

Level 1 Martial Arts Master Talent: Wruushi Expertise – This gives your opponents some serious action denial if you can make an attack roll that beats their Fortitude Defense once per turn after successfully damaging them, only allowing the enemy to take a single swift action on their next turn.

Level 12 – Soldier 8/Scout 1/Elite Trooper 2/Martial Arts Master 1

Ability Score Increases: +1 Strength, +1 Constitution

Level 12 Feat : Extra Rage – Going into a rage a second time per day can be a nice boon to have.

Level 13 – Soldier 8/Scout 1/Elite Trooper 3/Martial Arts Master 1

Level 3 Elite Trooper Talent: Multiattack Proficiency (simple weapons) – This talent knocks the penalty down for multiple attacks with simple weapons (aka, your fists) by 2.

Level 14 – Soldier 8/Scout 1/Elite Trooper 4/Martial Arts Master 1

Level 15 – Solder 8/Scout 1/Elite Trooper 5/Martial Arts Master 1

Level 15 Feat: Wroshyr Rage – This feat gives you piles of bonus hit points when you first enter a rage. By the time the enemy has blown through those, you’ve easily covered the distance to them and are getting fresh stock of them by pounding your fists into them.

Level 5 Elite Trooper Talent: Unarmed Parry – This talent lets you block an incoming melee attack roll much like the Jedi’s Block talent does. Only, you get to make an unarmed attack roll. Multiple parry attempts also only suffer a cumulative -2 penalty on the attack roll.

Level 16 – Soldier 9/Scout 1/Elite Trooper 5/Martial Arts Master 1

Ability Score Increases: +1 Strength, +1 Constitution

Level 9 Soldier Talent: Devastating Attack (simple weapons)  – This talent lets you start punching through opponent’s damage thresholds a lot more easily.

Level 17 – Soldier 10/Scout 1/Elite Trooper 5/Martial Arts Master 1

Level 10 Soldier Bonus Feat: Weapon Focus (simple weapons) – This may seem a little late in the game to pick up this feat, but a +1 bonus to his is a +1 bonus to hit, and even moreso considering it’s how you get your bonus hit points.

Level 18 – Soldier 11/Scout 1/Elite Trooper 5/Martial Arts Master 1

Level 18 Feat: Triple Attack – This feat lets you take a -10 (-8 with the Multiattack Proficiency talent) on all your attacks to get three attacks as a full round action.

Level 11 Soldier Talent: Penetrating Attack (simple weapons) – This talent lets you start taking objects apart with your bare hands more easily, like doors, desks, and TIE Fighters.

Level 19 – Soldier 11/Scout 1/Elite Trooper 6/Martial Arts Master 1

Level 20 – Soldier 11/Scout 1/Elite Trooper 7/Martial Arts Master 1

Ability Score Increases: +1 Strength, +1 Constitution

Level 7 Elite Trooper Talent: Teras Kasi Mastery – This talent lets you take a full-round action as a standard action, provided the only thing you were doing with that full-round action was making unarmed attacks. This means you can now move into the face of the big bad, start your Recovery action with a single swift, and toss out all three of your unarmed attacks. This is huge.

So there’s the build. If you don’t particularly care about the level of Martial Arts Master, I would suggest picking up the Unstoppable Force feat in place of the Melee Defense feat at level 7. This helps shore up your sadly lacking Will Defense against Force powers and will help you avoid turning into a mewling pup when the Sith Lord starts dropping the fear effects. If you still want the action denial, but want to go this route, consider the Improved Stunning Strike talent in place of the Multiattack Proficiency (simple weapons) talent. This inhibits their actions should your damage roll be enough to move them down the Condition Track. If you want to go this roll, you could easily drop your Intelligence by a couple of points and up your Constitution a little more, giving you more hit points and more bonus hit points when the fists start flying.

Enjoy, Gamer Nation.



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4 responses to “Build of the Week: The Wookiee Battlerager

  1. roulett strategia

    Great idea, but will this work over the long run?

    • I don’t see why not. The build has no small amount of survivability and damage output. It might not be the most viable build in a game of intrigue, but in a Clone Wars Era game or one featuring war and battle prominently, I could see a character like this doing quite well.

  2. Are those starting ability score pre or post the Wookie racial bonuses?

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