Build of the Week: The Commando Leader

I promised you a new build, Gamer Nation, and here it is:

The Commando Leader

Species: Human. I really didn’t even consider any other species for this build, but really, anything would work. There isn’t one certain species trait that makes or breaks this build as far as I’ve seen, so I stuck with Human for the feat and skill.

The beautiful part of this build is that it’s a very customizable one. Aside from the prerequisites for your prestige classes and possibly Skill Focus in Knowledge (tactics), you can customize the rest of your feat selection how you desire the character to be played: combat or support, melee or ranged, or however you want. Therefore, this will be a shorter build segment than your used to.

Ability Scores

Strength 11 (+0)

Dexterity 14 (+2)

Constitution 12 (+1)

Intelligence 11 (+0)

Wisdom 12 (+1)

Charisma 13 (+1)

Trained Skills

Knowledge (tactics)



Treat Injury

Persuasion (at 4th level)

Level 1 – Soldier 1

Starting Feats: Armor Proficiency (light, medium), Weapon Proficiency (pistols, rifles, simple weapons)

Level 1 Feat – Martial Arts I – Aside from providing a solid back up combat option and a point to Reflex Defense, this helps fill out most of the feat prerequisites for the Elite Trooper Prestige Class

Human Bonus Feat – Point Blank Shot – This finishes off the Elite Trooper Prestige Class requirements (aside from the Base Attack Bonus), and gives you an edge in close combat.

Level 1 Soldier Talent – Battle Analysis – This may not seem like a great talent, but not only does it satisfy the prerequisite for one of the later talents, but it already satisfies the Officer Prestige Class requirements. This is all not to mention the sheer amount of fun I can see a character having this when deciding how best to send his commandos into battle and how best to use his abilities using this talent.

Level 2 – Noble 1/Soldier 1

Level 1 Noble Talent – Anticipate Movement (GaW 18) – A large part of doing well in combat is field position. This talent lets you keep advantageous position when an opponent moves.

Level 3 – Noble 2/Soldier 1

Level 4 – Noble 3/Soldier 1

Ability Score Increases – +1 Strength, +1 Intelligence

Level 3 Noble Talent – Forewarn Allies (GaW 18) – Attacks of Opportunity don’t happen very often if a GM is playing smart, though this talent does provide good set up for the next talent selection. The +2 bonus on these certain attacks is gravy for when they do happen.

Level 5 – Noble 4/Soldier 1

Level 6 – Noble 5/Soldier 1

Level 5 Noble Talent – Heavy Fire Zone (GaW 18) – This talent lets you designate a 3×3 area of “don’t step here or you will get shot” terrain once per turn.

Level 7 – Noble 5/Soldier 2

Level 8 – Noble 5/Soldier 3

Ability Score Increases – +1 Dexterity, +1 Constitution

Level 3 Soldier Talent – Defensive Position (GaW 21) – This talent lets you spend two swift actions to improve your cover benefits until your next turn, turning regular Cover into Improved Cover.

Level 9 – Noble 5/Soldier 4

Level 10 – Noble 5/Soldier 5

Level 5 Soldier Talent – Indomitable – This talent is a tried and true Soldier talent from the Commando tree. Moving up to the top of the Condition Track once per is just too damn useful.

Level 11 – Noble 5/Soldier 5/Elite Trooper 1

Level 1 Elite Trooper Talent – Full Advance (GaW 31) – This talent lets you trade your move action to essentially give each of your squadmates virtual Weapon Specialization in any weapon they use until your next turn.

Level 12 – Noble 5/Soldier 5/Elite Trooper 2

Ability Score Increases – +1 Dexterity, +1 Constitution

Level 13 – Noble 5/Soldier 5/Elite Trooper 3

Level 3 Elite Trooper Talent – Hold Steady (GaW 31) – This talent lets you trade your move action to let your squadmates move up +1 step on the Condition Track.

Level 14 – Noble 5/Soldier 5/Elite Trooper 4

Level 15 – Noble 5/Soldier 5/Elite Trooper 5

Level 5 Elite Trooper Talent – Fall Back (GaW 31) – This talent lets you trade your move action to let your squadmates move two squares without provoking attacks of opportunity. This is a great tactic for letting your allies disengage from combat while still letting them keep their full move action.

Level 16 – Noble 5/Soldier 5/Elite Trooper 5/Officer 1

Ability Score Increases – +1 Strength, +1 Wisdom

Level 1 Officer Talent – Assault Tactics – This talent lets you and your allies deal extra damage against a target if you can make a relatively simple Knowledge (tactics check) with any attack for a turn.

Level 17 – Noble 5/Soldier 5/Elite Trooper 5/Officer 2

Level 2 Officer Share Talent – Defensive Position

Level 18 – Noble 5/Soldier 5/Elite Trooper 5/Officer 3

Level 3 Officer Talent – Exploit Weakness – This talent builds off of the Assault Tactics talent, giving the enemy you targeted with your Assault Tactics a penalty to Reflex Defense for each attack they take.

Level 19 – Noble 5/Soldier 5/Elite Trooper 5/Officer 4

Level 4 Officer Share Talent – Assault Tactics

Level 20 – Noble 5/Soldier 5/Elite Trooper 5/Officer 5

Ability Score Increases – +1 Strength, +1 Wisdom

Level 5 Officer Talent – Grand Leader – This talents lets you toss your allies some bonus hit points once per encounter as a swift action. I don’t know how much better a talent gets.

The basic idea of this build is to control the tempo of the battlefield, both in movement as well as damage dealing potential. With the ability to give allies bonus movement, as well as control key areas on the map by forcing enemies to take damage by moving through it, to coordinating your attacks with your allies against a powerful foe to put him down as quick and painless (well, for your side) as possible.

So there you have the build, Gamer Nation. Here’s hoping I can get back on a schedule, guys. We’ll see you here next time with another build.


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