Meta Post

I figured I would let you know that the longer I’ve been doing this blog, the harder and harder I’ve been finding it (not to mention the more loathe I’ve been to do so) to fit non-gaming related material into it. I am also in the process of attempting to bring you more and more gaming material from as many systems as possible in the coming months, which I’ve now begun to do.

However, I also feel the want to continue to spout my mind on books, movies, music, television, and news stories that strike my fancy. So, in the coming days, you can look for me to be setting up a second blog that will allow me to do such things. I’m hoping it will give my readers a chance to learn a little bit more about me personally, while still maintaining the amount of gaming material and system crunch that I want to explore on this one.

So look for the announcement of the new blog opening in the coming days.


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