A Day Late And A One-Shot Short

I promised a writeup of my one-shot experiences at Scorchcon, and so here goes.

This could have been a complete disaster for me, but as it turns out, I managed to make something out of it in the end. I went to open up my outlines and stats for the adventures the night before the convention so I could email them to myself and found that my computer had managed to throw a complete shoe and didn’t save the files properly. I decided that the 3rd level one-shot was going to be easy enough to rewrite, but there wasn’t much of a chance of me salvaging the 8th level one. So the morning of the convention, I emailed the few things that I did still have to myself and went to work once I got to the convention.

I managed to, as quick as I could, get the basic outline and some stat blocks typed up, operating on memory most of the time and telling myself that I would adjust on the fly as I needed to and changed my 6 o’clock slot to a second running of Hard Contact and waited until my first slot, which wound up getting canceled because I had no players for it.

However, I had four players for my later game, and two of them decided to play two characters to get a full six member party. They started the one shot, and I quickly found out that most of my encounters were written too low, however, the game ran pretty smoothly even with all the hiccups I had to deal with in the scramble to rewrite it. The skill challenges went fairly well, though need a little more polishing, and the encounters, though too easy, made sense and flowed well from one to another. Most of the problem was placement of a lot of the enemies, and lots of melee enemies (Gamorrean Tribesmen) that couldn’t get into range to make any effective attacks. I also need to beef up a lot of the Battle Droids, as they tended to be destroyed before they were much of a threat.
However, there were a couple of great moments, which included:

  • The Human Jedi getting into an argument with the spirit of her fallen Jedi Master on the best way to take the fight to the Separatists who had killed him at the beginning of the adventure.
  • The Wookiee Jedi suffering a minor fit of dementia during the final encounter and jumping off the wall of the Gamorrean citadel to engage the enemy, and then climbing back up the next round when there were no more enemies. Then, when the next wave came along, instead of jumping back down, decided to go into a Force Trance and grabbed a nap.
  • The Heavy Weapons Specialist spending his Destiny Point during the final encounter as he rolled off the wall to crit on a Battle Droid while using Burst Fire. He dealt 60 some damage to a droid that literally had 1 hit point left. Heavy was the master of overkill during this one shot.

So, the plan is to take this back to the construction board for polishing and refinement, scale up the challenge  a good bit (they were never in any real danger during the game) and give it another run through at some point with one of my regular game groups. Then the next step will be getting The Ghosts of Alderaan rewritten.

So, the one shots could have gone a lot better, but considering my computer throwing a shoe, it didn’t perform too badly. So that’s the game report, such as it was.

This was also my first use of Gaming Paper, which is an excellent product. Durable enough to stand up to a good deal of writing and erasing if need be and easy enough to tear and cut off the roll. It was very nice being able to have my three battle maps drawn up and then just bring them out as I needed them instead of having to stop and erase a reusable battle map three times during the game. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an alternative to the reusable maps.



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3 responses to “A Day Late And A One-Shot Short

  1. veganshane

    Sorry that your computer was being temperamental, I was living in mortal fear that I would have those sort of problems getting ready for my con game.

    How the threat levels play out in game can be so random. In the game I ran recently, the easy first encounter nearly left the Jedi a corpse and every one nursing some wounds where as the later more difficult encounters they walked over and i was expecting it to be tough especially, after the challenges of the first easy encounter at the beginning. It was all about how lucky people were with their die rolls.

    • I know most of my problems were simply throwing encounters together mostly from memory and not quite thinking about the placement of the enemies on the map when I initially set up the maps that afternoon (which I had planned on having the whole morning for initially). As a result, a lot of the melee opponents were wasted before they even got in range by the Clones.

      But, in the end, despite all that, everyone seemed to have a good time, so I’ll still call that a success.

  2. hotpinkjoystick

    Having an argument with the Force Spirit was pretty awesome. By the end, I was just TRYING to get that Dark Side Point. >.>

    Honestly, she may or may not be the inspiration for Erendira.

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