Build of the Week – The Force Wizard (Revisited)

That’s right Gamer Nation, it’s time for another Build of the Week. When I first started doing this, I hit you up with the Force Wizard, one of the staple character archetypes. And then, after I posted up the build advice, my format for the bit changed, and I never went back and updated the first one. Well, now I’m doing that.

The Force Wizard is a build that is designed to sling Force powers around in near every round in combat, electing to use this power as a weapon instead of something more traditional like a lightsaber or even a blaster, using it both to batter their foes into submission as well as to help to turn away all but the most devastating attacks.

The Force Wizard

Species: Ithorian. I know in my original build, I advised Human for the build, but when looking at everything else the Ithorian offered, both the bonus to Wisdom and Charisma (your two key ability scores), and their species bonus to Will Defense, I decided to play around with them for the build and see how they worked out. I’ll let you be the judge of how you think it worked out.

Ability Scores

Strength – 9 (+0)

Dexterity – 10 (+0)

Constitution – 10 (+0)

Intelligence – 10 (+0)

Wisdom – 17 (+3)

Charisma – 17 (+3)

Trained Skills

Use the Force


Level Progression

Level 1 – Jedi 1

Level 1 Feat – Force Training: As always, I’ll show which Force powers were picked for each level of this feat at the end of the progression.

Level 1 Jedi talent – Telekinetic Savant: This talent allows you to return one power with the [telekinetic] descriptor to your Force suite once per encounter without having to spend a Force Point. With as many powers that have this descriptor out there, that’s a lot of nice options to have. This also sets you up nicely for your next talent.

Level 2 – Jedi 2

Level 2 Jedi Bonus Feat – Skill Focus (Use the Force): Your Charisma is already higher than average, and is on the treadmill with your every 4 levels stat increases. However, having that additional +5 to the skill check is never a bad thing, especially when you start dealing with some of the powers that have higher than average DCs.

Level 3 – Jedi 3

Level 3 Jedi Talent – Telekinetic Prodigy (TFUCG 88): This talent gives you a bonus Force power every time you take the Force Training feat as long as you’ve taken the move object power with that instance of the feat. The only caveat is that you have to select a power with the [telekinetic] descriptor. Move object is one of the most versatile Force powers, in my opinion, and each book that has more Force powers has at least one if not more powers that carry the necessary descriptor, so you have a lot of options with this talent. This is truly a great talent consideration.

Level 4 – Jedi 4

Level 4 Ability Increases: +1 Wisdom, +1 Charisma

Level 4 Jedi Bonus Feat – Strong in the Force: This feat lets you roll d8s instead of d6s for your Force Points, upping the average roll on those suckers by 1 point, which may not seem like a lot in the short run, but as I’ve stated before, you’ll come back and thank me when you’re Force power would have failed to go off because you missed your roll by a single point.

Level 5 – Jedi 5

Level 5 jedi Talent – Telekinetic Power: This talent lets you use another instance of a power with the [telekinetic] descriptor when you roll a natural 20 on your Use the Force check to activate it. With all the powers with that descriptor that you should have in your Force suite, you shouldn’t have any problem getting some mileage out of this talent.

Level 6 – Jedi 6

Level 6 Feat – Force Boon: Three extra Force Points per level? Sign me up.

Level 6 Jedi Bonus Feat – Fight Through Pain (GaW 23): This feat is worth it’s weight in credits for a character of your build type. It allows you to figure your Damage Threshold using your Will Defense, which is already higher than average, in place of your Fortitude Defense, which is sadly lacking. This feat is going to help you stay on your feet for a lot longer should things turn against you.

Level 7 – Jedi 7

Level 7 Jedi Talent – Channel Energy (JATM 16):  This talent allows you to spend a Force Point to use a Force power from your Force suite when you successfully use the negate energy power to negate the damage from an energy attack. This isn’t a bad defensive reprisal option to have handy for yourself.

Level 8 – Jedi 7/Force Adept 1

Ability Score Increases: +1 Wisdom, +1 Charisma

Level 1 Force Adept Talent – Equilibrium: This talent lets you spend a Force Point to immediately move to the top of the Condition Track. This may not seem so great at first glance; after all, the soldier has a talent that lets them do this without needing to spend a Force point, but this talent specifically states that it lets you remove all debilitating conditions, which includes persistent conditions.

Level 9Jedi 7/Force Adept 2

Force Technique Chosen: Force Point Recovery – This Force Technique is really a no brainer for any build, even despite this build’s increased number of Fore Points at each level, getting one back after the end of every encounter in which you spend them is a wonderful thing.

Level 9 Feat – Force Training

Level 10 – Jedi 7/Force Adept 3

Level 3 Force Adept Talent – Channel Vitality (JATM 18): This talent lets you gain a temporary Force Point which must be used before the end of your next turn in exchange for moving -1 step down the Condition Track. This may not seem like a good idea at first, but remember which Force talent we just took two levels ago. You can use this without much fear for the first few times, and then spend the bonus Force Point to move yourself back up to the top of the Condition Track the next time with the Equilibrium talent. It might be a little bit “munchkiny” of a tactic, but we all like to do that every once in a while.

Level 11 – Jedi 7/Force Adept 4

Force Technique Chosen: Improved Force Lightning – While Force lightning is a great power in it’s own right, allowing you to treat the attack as a Bantha Rush is an added bonus.

Level 12 – Jedi 7/Force Adept 5

Ability Score Increases: +1 Wisdom, +1 Charisma

Level 5 Force Adept Talent – Mystic Mastery (JATM 18): This talent is really a no-brainer. It gives you a bonus Force Point per level equal to the number of Force talents you have taken, up to a maximum of +6. You have already taken 5 Force talents so far by following this progression, so, when taken with the Force Boon feat, that’s an extra 8 Force Points per character level. Not bad if I don’t say so myself.

Level 12 Feat – Force Training

Level 13 – Jedi 7/Force Adept  6

Force Technique Chosen: Improved Force Slam – This technique allows you change the area of your Force slam power from a cone to an area burst around you, allowing you to quickly clear out an area should you find yourself surrounded in combat.

Level 14 – Jedi 7/Force Adept 7

Level 7 Force Adept Talent – Fortified Body: This talent makes you immune to sickness, disease, and radiation, plain and simple.

Level 15 – Jedi 7/Force Adept 8

Force Technique Chosen: Extended Move Object – This technique gives you an extra 6 squares of range on the move object power, giving you just that much more room to work with when using it.

Level 15 Feat – Force Training

Level 16 – Jedi 7/Force Adept 9

Ability Score Increases: +1 Wisdom, +1 Charisma

Level 9 Force Adept Talent – Force Power Adept – move object: This talent gives you the option of spending a Force Point to reroll your Use the Force check when activating a certain Force power, and keep the better result. This is never a bad thing.

Level 17 – Jedi 7/Force Adept 9/Force Disciple 1

Level 1 Force Disciple Talent – Many Shades of the Force (JATM 73) – Force lightning: This talent takes away the [dark side] or [light side] descriptor from any Force power in your suite. We’ve selected Force lightning. Now watch your enemies tremble before you as you can throw this power around without fear.

Level 18 – Jedi 7/Force Adept 9/Force Disciple 2

Force Secret Chosen: Devastating Power – Getting a little more ‘oomph’ out of your damage dealing Force powers can be necessary sometimes to help take down a powerful enemy, and this Force secret allows you to do that.

Level 18 Feat – Force Training

Level 19 – Jedi 7/Force Adept 9/Force Disciple 3

Force Secret Chosen: Multitarget Power – The ability to target multiple enemies with a Force power can sometimes spell the difference between life and death. Imagine being able to use Force lightning to clear out a squad of enemies all with one use.

Level 3 Force Disciple Talent – Force Power Adept – Force lightning: We’ve already taken this power with the move object power, so why not take it for our new main attack power.

Level 20 – Jedi 7/Force Adept 9/Force Disciple 4

Force Secret Chosen: Distant Power – Sometimes you really need to be standing a good distance away before you use your move object power to fling a heavy piece of machinery into the enemy’s main reactor.

Ability Score Increases: +1 Wisdom, +1 Charisma

Force Powers Taken

Level 1 – move object, farseeing, negate energy, rebuke, mind shard, Force blast, Force blast, Force shield

Level 3 – move object, Force lighting, negate energy, mind shard, Force blast, rebuke, Force slam, repulse

Level 9 – move object, rebuke, negate energy, Force lightning, Force blast, phase, ballistakinesis, Force whirlwind

Level 12 – move object, lightning burst, vital transfer, Force blast, Force lightning, energy resistance, negate energy, Force shield

Level 15 – move object, vital transfer, Force slam, Force lightning, Force blast, negate energy, rebuke, Force whirlwind

Level 18 – move object, Force grip, Force lightning, Force blast, Force slam, negate energy, rebuke, Force whirlwind

The one thing to remember with this build is that while you need to keep your Force Power suite diverse, you also have to keep enough attack options into your Force suite for a possible protracted battle in which you might not be able to refresh your Force suite.

It should also be noted that while this build is supported by RAW, this is also the somewhat game-breaking power that can be wrought with some of the character options released in later supplements. So, stay aware, both as a GM and as a player, and be willing to make concessions if it comes to it.

Anyway, there’s the build, revisited, Gamer Nation. Sorry it took a little longer than expected. Wound up misplacing my notes for a day or so. We’ll see you back here later.



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5 responses to “Build of the Week – The Force Wizard (Revisited)

  1. Adrian

    Great build! I’m about to start running a saga edition game here and need to make a Jedi character. Is there a way to make a hybrid of this build and a saber user? I feel this would be a great representation of Jedi in the movies. Sorry for a post of this nature, I wasn’t able to find a link to contact you otherwise.

    • There absolutely is a way to make a hybrid. I’d be happy to do a little bit of poking around and seeing what I can come up with. Any more details you want to share about the character concept would be awesome. :)

  2. Selanne

    Excellent build, my new character is based on this one! I’m really grateful for the work you’ve done!

  3. darth severus

    8 force power each time you bring force training ???

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