Build of the Week: The Jedi Diviner

Hey Gamer Nation, I’m back with another installment of the build of the week. I apologize for the lateness of the post. I had another idea that I had built up to level 10 or so and realized that the idea was much less cohesive than I had originally thought, so I but that one back up on the burner to percolate a little more.

The idea of the Jedi Diviner seems a little bit odd, and it’s not a build for every PC, much less every game. It can be a very powerful build in the right circumstances, and game breaking for GMs who aren’t aware of the abilities of the PC, however, when it comes to combat, this build can be woefully underpowered when compared to other builds. This build focuses around using three Force powers: farseeing, technometry, and Force track in order to find, hunt down, and help bring to justice enemies of the Jedi Order. This build would work very well with a powerful Sentinel or Guardian build focused on taking enemies, dark side or otherwise, down quickly. This build focuses more on the roleplaying aspects of character design more so than the mechanical benefits of certain choices, so this is a very different article.

Last off, here’s one of your requests, Mr. Mike.

The Jedi Diviner

Species: I chose to go with Gand, mostly for flavor reasons, especially with the Gand Findsmen talent tree found in the Bounty Hunter class. Their +2 species bonus to Wisdom is nice for a Force-user, though the -2 penalty to Charisma can hurt them a little bit, so optimizers may want to look at something else for species.

Ability Scores:

Strength- 10 (+0)

Dexterity – 12 (+1)

Constitution – 10 (+0)

Intelligence 13 (+1)

Wisdom – 16 (+3)

Charisma – 12 (+1)

Trained Skills

Use the Force


Knowledge (galactic lore)

Perception (virtual training through talents)

Survival (trained at level 4)

Level Progression

Level 1 – Jedi 1

Starting Feat – Force Sensitivity, Weapon Proficiency (simple weapons, lightsabers)

Level 1 Feat – Force Training: This gets you your first suite of Force powers. I’ll post the Force power selection for each pick of this feat at the bottom of the level progression.

Level 1 Jedi Talent – Force Perception: This talent from the Sense talent tree lets you use your Use the Force skill to make Perception rolls, and opens up a few talents a little bit later down the road.

Level 2 – Jedi 1/Noble 1

Noble Feat – Linguist: This is a free pick up from multiclassing, and lets you understand that many more alien languages. Not a bad pick up.

Level 1 Noble Talent: Visions – This talent allows you to use the farseeing power to look into the future or past of a target. This talent is brilliant from a roleplaying perspective.

Level 3 – Jedi 2/Noble 1

Level 3 Feat – Force Training

Level 2 Bonus Feat – Skill Focus (Use the Force): Since your Charisma bonus isn’t as high as a lot of other Force users, and you need to beat your opponent’s Will Defense in order to use some of your powers, this feat is a good choice, even from a roleplaying perspective.

Level 4 – Jedi 2/Noble 1/Scout 1

Ability Increases: +1 Intelligence, +1 Charisma

Scout Feat – Weapon Proficiency (pistol): Another option in combat is never a bad option.

Level 1 Scout Talent – Acute Senses: This talent lets you reroll your Perception checks (or in your case, your Use the Force checks), plus helps set you up for the Bounty Hunter prestige class.

Level 5 – Jedi 2/Noble 1/Scout 2

Level 2 Scout Bonus Feat – Weapon Proficiency (advanced melee weapons): There weren’t a whole lot of bonus feats for the Scout that really screamed at me, so I opted for another option in combat. More versatility in your combat tactics helps augment your lack of specialization in it.

Level 6 – Jedi 2/Noble 1/Scout 3

Level 6 Feat – Force Regimen Mastery (JATM 23): This feat gives a new set of options in order to augment your Force powers. I’ll give the picks along with the Force powers after the level progression.

Level 3 Scout Talent – Improved Initiative: This talent lets you reroll your Initiative checks. You aren’t trained in Initiative, so this talent might not carry a whole lot of use for you, but it settles the final requirement for the Bounty Hunter prestige class.

Level 7 – Jedi 3/Noble 1/Scout 3

Level 3 Jedi Talent – Motion of the Future (JATM 17): This talent allows you to spend a use of the farseeing power as a reaction to force your opponent to reroll the attack roll.

Level 8 – Jedi 3/Noble 1/Scout 3/Bounty Hunter 1

Ability Increases: +  1 Wisdom, +1 Charisma

Level 1 Bounty Hunter Talent – Findsmen Ceremonies (S&V 26): This talent was just too much fun for a Gand Diviner to pass up, and that’s why I fit the Bounty Hunter class into the build progression. This talent allows you to spend a number of Force Points in the morning in order to reroll any Stealth or Perception checks, attack rolls, or Use the Force checks to activate the farseeing power per Force Point spent.

Level 9 – Jedi 4/Noble 1/Scout 3/Bounty Hunter 1

Level 9 Feat – Force Training

Level 4 Bonus Feat – Fight through Pain (GaW 23): This feat lets you shore up your Damage Threshold by substituting your Will Defense for your Fortitude Defense when calculating it.

Level 10 – Jedi 4/Noble 1/Scout 3/Bounty Hunter 1/Jedi Knight 1

Level 1 Jedi Knight Talent – Echoes in the Force (JATM 20): This talent lets you use your farseeing power in order to look at a location instead of a person, making your powers more versatile.

Level 11 – Jedi 4/Noble 1/Scout 3/Bounty Hunter 1/Jedi Knight 2

Force Technique – Force Power Mastery (farseeing)

Level 12 – Jedi 4/Noble 1/Scout 3/Bounty Hunter 1/Jedi Knight 3

Ability Increases: +1 Wisdom, +1 Charisma

Level 3 Jedi Knight Talent – Psychometry (CWCG 53): This talent lets you use your farseeing power in order to target an object instead of a person, letting you foil your GM’s murder mystery plots when you find the murder weapon right away.

Level 13 – Jedi 4/Noble 1/Scout 3/Bounty Hunter 1/Jedi Knight 4

Force Technique – Improved Technometry

Level 14 – Jedi 4/Noble 1/Scout 3/Bounty Hunter 1/Jedi Knight 5

Level 5 Jedi Knight Talent – Niman: Getting a +1 to your Reflex and Will Defenses just for holding a lightsaber isn’t bad at all.

Level 15 – Jedi 4/Noble 1/Scout 3/Bounty Hunter 1/Jedi Knight 6

Force Technique – Force Power Mastery: Force track

Level 15 Feat – Force Training

Level 16 – Jedi 4/Noble 1/Scout 3/Bounty Hunter 1/Jedi Knight 7

Ability Increases: +1 Wisdom, +1 Charisma

Jedi Knight Level 7 Talent – Jedi Quarry (JATM 20): This talent lets you move an extra 2 squares against a single target of your choice provided that you end your turn adjacent to him. This is great for getting yourself into flanking position with a more combat capable ally after tracking down your opponent.

Level 17 – Jedi 4/Noble 1/Scout 3/Bounty Hunter 1/Jedi Knight 7/Jedi Master 1

Level 1 Jedi Master Talent – Precognitive Meditation (JATM 75): This talent lets you spend a Force Point at the beginning of the day in order to force an opponent to reroll an attack made against you or a vehicle you are piloting.

Level 18 – Jedi 4/Noble 1/Scout 3/Bounty Hunter 1/Jedi Knight 7/Jedi Master 2

Force Secret – Multitarget Power

Level 18 Feat -Mission Specialist: Use the Force (GaW 24): This was more of a flavor choice for when the character is nearing the end of his adventuring career, finding himself pushed into an “instructor” role to new recruits who may not necessarily have your training.

Level 19 – Jedi 4/Noble 1/Scout 3/Bounty Hunter 1/Jedi Knight 7/Jedi Master 3

Force Secret – Unconditional Power

Level 3 Jedi Master Talent – Expanded Horizons (JATM 75): This talent allows you to extend the timeframe of the Search Your Feelings application of the Force, which feels right for this character build.

Level 20 – Jedi 5/Noble 1/Scout 3/Bounty Hunter 1/Jedi Knight 7/Jedi Master 3

Ability Increases: +1 Int, +1 Wisdom

Level 5 Jedi Talent – Steel Resolve (TFUCG 24): This talent lets you subtract up to -5 from your attack rolls and add double the amount to your Will Defense.

Force Powers

Every time this character picks up the Force Training feat, he should pick up two uses of the farseeing power, and one use of each the Force track, and technometry powers. At levels 12, and 20, they should pick up another use of Force track, and technometry respectively. So, at 20th level, the character will have 10 uses of each of the three Force powers.

Force Regimens

At 6h level, this build chose the following Force regimens: eyes of the Force, quiet the mind, awaken Force sensitivity, and Vo’ren’s first cadence. At level 12 and 20, he picked up Vo’ren’s fifth cadence andVo’ren’s fourth cadence respectively.

So there you have the build consideration for the Jedi Diviner. If this sounds like a build that might interest you, you definitely want to get together with your GM to find out if the type of game he’s going to run is going to fit with this kind of character. It takes a certain kind of game in order to make this character work, so tread with care, Gamer Nation, and we’ll see you here again next week.


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