Build of the Week – Secret Agent, or Bothan, James Bothan

For this build, I decided to take a look at several of the prestige classes to build an effective “Secret Agent” type character.

Species: Bothan

Planet of Origin: Bakura (RECG 20)

Starting Abilities:

Strength – 12 (+1)

Dexterity – 15 (+2)

Constitution – 10 (+0)

Intelligence – 12 (+1)

Wisdom – 14 (+2)

Charisma – 10 (+0)

Trained Skills

Treat Injury



Knowledge (tactics)


Use Computer

Knowledge (bureaucracy) (At level 16)

Level Progression:

Level 1 – Soldier 1

Starting Feats: Armor Proficiency (light,medium), Weapon Proficiency (pistols, rifles, simple weapons)

Level 1 Feat: Informer (TFU 33) – This gets you virtual training in the Gather Information skill, while allowing you to use your Perception skill in place, which nets you a bigger bonus to the skill check thanks to your higher than average Wisdom score. This also gets one of your skill training requirements for the Enforcer Prestige class.

Level 1 Soldier Talent: Battle Analysis – This talent may seem decidedly, “meh”, but it sets you up nicely for your next soldier talent.

Level 2 – Soldier 1/Scout 1

Level 1 Scout Talent: Blend In (TFU 28) – This talent lets you use your Stealth modifier in place of your Deception modifier in order to create a deceptive appearance, once again allowing you to make use of a higher ability score.

Level 3 – Soldier 2/Scout 1

Level 2 Soldier Bonus Feat: Martial Arts I – This feat gives you a nice unarmed option should you find yourself without a ranged weapon. This also sets you up for some abilities in the Infiltrator class. The +1 dodge bonus to Reflex Defense is gravy.

Level 3 Feat: Confident Success (RECG 31) – This feat nets you a Force Point when you learn something via the Gather Information skill, which is something you’ll be doing a lot of.

Level 4 – Soldier 2/Scout 2

Ability Bonuses: +1 Dexterity, +1 Wisdom

Level 2 Scout Bonus Feat: Skill Focus (Perception) – This serves a dual purpose, giving you the bonus to both your Perception and virtual Gather Information checks.

Level 5 – Soldier 3/Scout 2

Level 3 Soldier Talent: Defensive Position (GaW 21) – This talent lets you spend two swift actions in order to increase the benefit you gain from cover.

Level 6 – Soldier 3/Scout 3

Level 3 Scout Talent:  Evasion – Taking an automatic half damage from area attacks is nothing to sneeze at.

Level 6 Feat: Advantageous Cover (TFU 31): As long as you have cover, you take no damage from area attacks. Period. This is a very powerful option, especially when paired with the ability to get improved cover from ranged attacks with the Defensive Position talent.

Level 7 – Soldier 4/Scout 3

Level 4 Soldier Bonus Feat: Martial Arts II – This is just a nice build up from Martial Arts I.

Level 8 – Soldier 4/Scout 4

Ability Bonuses: +1 Strength, +1 Wisdom

Level 4 Scout Bonus Feat: Skill Focus (Initiative) – This choice is pretty self explanatory. When the chips are down and you’re forced into combat, going first can be the difference in living and dying.

Level 9 – Soldier 5/Scout 4

Level 5 Soldier Talent: Armored Defense – This is a nice talent, allowing you to wear armor without it holding you back.

Level 9 Feat: Martial Arts III – This is the top of the Martial Arts feat tree, giving you better unarmed combat options.

Level 10 – Soldier 5/Scout 5

Level 5 Scout Talent: Surveillance (TFU 28) – This talent finishes your prestige class entry requirements and can give you an edge in combat.

Level 11 – Soldier 5/Scout 5/Enforcer 1

Level 1 Enforcer Talent: Nonlethal Tactics (TFU 45) – This talent gives you a nice edge to attack and damage when using certain stun weapons.

Level 12 – Soldier 5/Scout 5/Enforcer 1/Infiltrator 1

Ability Bonuses: +1 Strength, +1 Intelligence

Level 1 Infiltrator Talent: Set for Stun (TFU 49) – This talent moves a foe an additional step down the condition track if you spend two swift actions before using a ranged weapon set to stun.

Level 12 Feat: Republic Military Training (KOTOR 35) – This feat gets you DR 10 in cover against one attack per encounter. This is great, especially if your GM is willing to let era specific feats into games set outside the era specified.

Level 13 – Soldier 5/Scout 5/Enforcer 2/Infiltrator 1

Level 14 – Soldier 5/Scout 5/Enforcer 3/Infiltrator 1

Level 3 Enforcer Talent: Slowing Stun (TFU 49) – This talent states that as long as you move your opponent at least one step down the condition track, you also cut their speed in half, letting you keep them in range.

Level 15 – Soldier 5/Scout 5/Enforcer 3/Infiltrator 2

Level 15 Feat: Point Blank Shot – This is always a nice feat to have for any sort of ranged combat you may find yourself in.

Level 16 – Soldier 5/Scout 5/Enforcer 3/Infiltrator 3

Ability Bonuses: +1 Intelligence, +1 Wisdom

Level 3 Infiltrator Talent: Creeping Approach (TFU 49) – This talent is amazing. It lets you start while hidden from an opponent and then enter their line of sight without them even seeing you. Fantastic for getting past an overly alert sentry.

Level 17 – Soldier 5/Scout 5/Enforcer 3/Infiltrator 4

Level 18 – Soldier 5/Scout 5/Enforcer 3/Infiltrator 5

Level 5 Infiltrator Talent: Improved Surveillance (TFU 28) – On top of the attack bonus, this talent also gives you defense bonuses when you take the time to observe your opponent.

Level 18 Feat – Triple Crit (simple weapons) – This feat helps you deal extra damage with your unarmed stun attacks through the Infiltrator class feature when you score a critical hit.

Level 19 – Soldier 5/Scout 5/Enforcer 3/Infiltrator 6

Level 20 – Soldier 5/Scout 5/Enforcer 4/Infiltrator 6

Ability Bonuses: +1 Dexterity, +1 Wisdom

This build has a couple of options open to it. Your main source of power in combat is utilizing stun weapons, as many of your talents grants them bonuses to them as well as getting you into position to use them. Your unarmed strikes can deal stun damage as well at higher levels, giving you one more option. If forced into combat where you can’t use stun weapons (or need to eliminate a target instead of just neutralizing them), then you get great bonuses from finding cover and trading fire with an opponent from there.

This build also gets a great benefit from watching and observing your opponent, both before and during combat, getting extra Force Points for using your investigative abilities to learn about your opponent and bonuses in combat for watching them.

When looking at equipment choices, don’t overlook the benefit of the Bothan Weapon template from the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide. You deal less damage when not in stun, but after level 11, that’s already an extra 2 dice of damage from ranged stun weapons (and a few select melee weapons).

This character works well on its own, but can be slightly less than optimal in a group setting, so be warned. It requires a different play style for the rest of the group, but in a properly themed campaign and planned group, this build could be a lot a lot of fun.

Until next time, Gamer Nation.


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