Build of the Week – Condition Track Killer (Part 2 of 2)

What’s up, Gamer Nation. I’m back to finish up the Condition Track Killer build with the ranged combat style discussion.

The Ranged Condition Track Killer

Species: Gungan

Of the 12 species in the Core Rulebook, there are 7 with a bonus to their Dexterity score, which is your all important combat stat, improving both your ability to hit opponents as well as your ability to avoid being hit yourself (which makes it less likely you’ll fall victim to being moved down the condition track yourself). However, a few of them just aren’t good choices. Ewoks for example, have the Primitive trait, which can be crippling for a ranged combat build. Bothans have species abilities that don’t line up with the build we’re going for. Gungans, on top of their racial Dexterity bonus get a +2 bonus to their Reflex Defense, which makes them that much harder to hit.. Plus, I’ve always enjoyed making Gungans that rail against the canon examples that we’ve been given (I usually try to include the “bad-ass” Gungan in any game I run).

Stats (at 1st level)

Strength – 13 (+1)

Dexterity 16 (+3)

Constitution – 12 (+1)

Intelligence – 12 (+1)

Wisdom – 8 (-1)

Charisma – 10 (+0)

Dexterity is your big stat, so you’re going to want to budget the most of your points there. A Strength of at least 13 is necessary to take the minimum penalty when using the Rapid Shot feat, and a good Constitution shouldn’t be overlooked in order to bring up your own Fortitude Defense and by extension, your damage threshold. When spending your ability points every four levels, you wouldn’t be wrong to increase your Dexterity every time, working to improve your ability to hit and avoid being hit yourself. Also increasing your Constitution wouldn’t be a bad move, working to keep your damage threshold a little bit ahead of the curve.

Level Spread

Level 1 – Scoundrel

Level 2-4 – Scout

Level 5-9 – Soldier

Level 10 – Bounty Hunter

Level 11-12 – Gunslinger

Level 13-14 Elite Trooper

Level 15 – Gunslinger

Level 16-20 – Elite Trooper

Starting with the Scoundrel class gets us Point Blank Shot right away, which is one of the prerequisites for the Gunslinger prestige class. Your next three levels in Scout gets you access to the Awareness talent tree to get into the Bounty Hunter prestige class, as well as gets Survival on your skill list. Soldier gets you some nice talents to help break your foes’ damage threshold. Bounty Hunter and Gunslinger have some key talents for this build, and Elite Trooper gets you improved versions of your soldier talents.

Level 1

Talent – Debilitating Shot – This lets you move your foe a guaranteed step down the condition track provided you catch them without their Dexterity bonus to Reflex Defense, which is more and more possible because you can train in Deception at 1st level.

Feat – Weapon Focus (pistols) – This gives you a straight +1 bonus to hit with pistols, which is never a bad thing.

Level 2

Feat – Weapon Proficiency (rifles) – This is the one talent you qualify for when you take your first level of Scout.

Talent – Acute Senses – This nets you a Perception reroll, and satisfies one of the talent requirements for the Bounty Hunter prestige class.

Level 3

Scout Bonus Feat – Precise Shot – This feat makes it that much easier for you to hit an opponent tied up in melee with one of your allies.

Feat – Careful Shot – As a ranged fighter, you get access to the Aim action. This feat gets you an additional bonus to hit when you use the Aim action.

Level 4

Ability Bumps – +1 Dex, +1 Int

Talent – Improved Initiative – This gets you an Initiative reroll, and satisfies the last talent requirement for the Bounty Hunter prestige class.

Level 5

Feat – Armor Proficiency (light) – This talent lets you wear light armor without proficiency penalty if you like, and satisfies a talent requirement for Elite Trooper

Talent – Devastating Attack (pistols) – This talent helps you to break a foe’s damage threshold a little more easily with your pistols.

Level 6

Soldier Bonus Feat – Rapid Shot – This feat gives you an extra die of damage for taking a penalty to hit on your attack rolls.

Feat – Deadeye – When you take the aim action, this feat gives you an additional die of damage. Unfortunately, this doesn’t stack with the added damage from Rapid Shot feat, but it does give you some versatility in your actions.

Level 7

Talent – Weapon Specialization (pistols) – This talent gives you a flat bonus to damage rolls with your pistol. This one should be a no brainer.

Level 8

Ability Bumps – +1 Dex, +1 Int – Train in Survival with your increased Intelligence bonus

Soldier Bonus Feat – Armor Proficiency (medium) – This talent satisfies another talent requirement for entry into the Elite Trooper class.

Level 9

Talent – Indomitable – This lets you move up to the top of the condition track once per day, allowing you to turn the tables on an opponent that is trying to use the same tactics against you.

Feat – Quickdraw – This feat lets you get your weapon out more quickly than anyone else, plus satisfies the last feat requirement for the Gunslinger prestige class.

Level 10

Talent – Hunter’s Mark – This talent moves your foe an automatic step down the condition track if you deal damage to a foe with a ranged attack that you have used the Aim action for. With the extra die from Deadeye, you should have no problem damaging them.

Level 11

Talent – Debilitating Shot – This talent does the exact same thing as Hunter’s Mark, allowing you to move a foe up to -4 steps along the condition track in one attack should you catch them without their Dexterity bonus to Reflex Defense and break their damage threshold.

Level 12

Ability Bumps – +1 Dex, +1 Con

Feat – Martial Arts I – This feat gives you a viable attack option should you find yourself stripped of your weapon, and satisfies the last feat requirement for the Elite Trooper prestige class.

Level 13

Talent – Greater Weapon Focus (pistols) – This is an improvement of the Weapon Focus feat you took at first level.

Level 15

Talent – Multiattack Proficiency (pistols) – This talent lowers the penalty you take when making multiple attacks in a round.

Feat – Double Attack – This talent lets you make two attacks in a round in exchange for taking an attack penalty on the attack rolls, which is lowered thanks to your talent choice this level.

Level 16

Ability Bumps – +1 Dex, +1 Con

Talent – Greater Devastating Attack (pistols) – This talent further lowers your foe’s damage threshold against your pistol attacks.

Level 18

Talent – Greater Weapon Specialization (pistols) – This talent is an improvement on your Weapon Specialization talent taken with your Soldier levels, increasing your damage output with pistol attacks.

Feat – Triple Attack – This feat follows the same concept as the Double Attack feat.

Level 20

Ability Bumps – +1 Dex, +1 Con

Talent – Tough as Nails – This talent gives you an extra second wind per day. This extends your “work day” another few encounters.

So there you have my suggestions for the Ranged Condition Track Killer. As the melee build, there isn’t much in the Core Rulebook to modify the build a whole lot, but you can certainly take what you want in order to get the character to play like you want.

You might also consider the Rodian, Sullustan, or Duros for your species. All three of them give you a bonus to your Dexterity score and give you a different flavor to help you fit into whatever role your playing in your group.

So there you have part 2 of the Condition Track Killer. Tomorrow you can look forward to several Martial Arts builds, inspired by the latest episode of the Order 66 podcast. So until tomorrow Gamer Nation.



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2 responses to “Build of the Week – Condition Track Killer (Part 2 of 2)

  1. Your build is slightly broken. You cannot take Careful Shot at Level 3 because your Base Attack is only +1, and the prerequisite is +2. Nothing major – just take the L6 Rapid Shot at L3 and take Careful Shot at L6.

    Just thought I’d let you know!

  2. For first level, it should be “Dastardly Strike”, not “Debilitating Shot”. I don’t expect to be Gunslinger at level 1. :/

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