BotW – The Force Wizard

For the first installment of Build of the Week, I’ve decided to hit on an archetype that seems near and dear to the hearts of many Star Wars gamers: the Force Wizard.

Class Considerations: This is a fairly straightforward choice. Jedi gets you the Force Sensitivity feat for free at 1st level, which is the feat that everything else hinges on for this character build. When looking into prestige classes, Force Adept is the one that stands out the most in my mind, so keep that in mind when planning out your build and looking at your talent choices.

Species Considerations: There’s a number of choices that stand out for species selection. Miralukans seem like a strong choice at first glance with their free Force Training feat at first level, however a Human can easily mimic this without suffering the -2 penalty to Dexterity. Humans seem like one of the stronger choices. However, Ithorians, while possibly being outpaced by Humans in the number of Force powers known without that free bonus feat, but their Force powers will pack just a little more punch. The +2 to Will Defense that Ithorians get isn’t too shabby either.

Stat Considerations: Wisdom and Charisma are your bread and butter. Since you’re probably not going to be worried about swinging a saber or using heavy weapons, you can probably put most, if not all of your points into those two stats. Constitution and Dexterity don’t need to be as high as you think they need to be with access to Force powers like Force shield and energy resistance, which will allow you to take more of the hits that you’ll be taking with a lower than average Reflex Defense and average hit points.

Skill Considerations: Three words. Use. The. Force. This is the one skill its all about, and if you have an Intelligence penalty, it may very well be the only skill you have access to unless you’re Human. If you have more skill picks, Perception allows you to take advantage of your higher than normal Wisdom score, but aside from that, nothing on the skill list really stands out as must have skill picks.

Feat Considerations: Force Training is your friend. Take it at 1st level. Consider taking it twice if you’re Human and have that bonus feat. You might also consider Force Regimen Mastery from the Rebellion Era Campaign Guide if you like those options. Take Force Training a couple of more times when you get the chance. You don’t need to spend all your character level feats on Force Training, but three or four times over the course of your name should be good enough. Skill Focus in Use the Force is also very important to your build and you should take it as early as you can. I wouldn’t recommend waiting any longer than 2nd level. Force Boon and Strong in the Force are both good choices as well, giving you both more Force Points per level and giving them a little more of a kick in order to allow you hit those top tiers in your Force powers. You might also consider Fight Through the Pain from Galaxy at War. This allows you to substitute your Will Defense for Fortitude in order to buffer your Damage Threshold.

Talent Considerations: Telekinetic Savant and Telekinetic Prodigy are both strong options. Move object is an incredibly useful Force power and there are lots of other telekinetic options in order to take full advantage of these talents. Move massive object from the Legacy Era Campaign Guide allows you to hit a wider area with the move object power, which you should have multiple instances of if if you took Telekinetic Prodigy. Force of Will from the Force Unleashed Campaign Guide buffers your already impressive Will Defense, making it just that much higher. From the Jedi Academy Training Manual, Mystic Mastery gives you more Force Points per level for each Force Talent you’ve taken, which if you’ve followed build suggestions, is a fair number. Other options include Damage Reduction, although that can get expensive in the long run. Adept Spellcaster from the Dathomiri Witch talent tree is a nice choice as well if you have that option open to you. If you too the Force Regimen Mastery feat, then Regimen Aptitude from the Jedi Academy Training Manual is a great route to go.

Force Power Considerations: If you took (or plan on taking) Telekinetic Prodigy, then selecting move object with each instance of Force Training is a great idea. In fact, it’s a great idea even if you don’t plan on taking Telekinetic Prodigy. It’s just that useful of a Force power in my opinion. Powers like energy resistance and Force shield allow you stay in the fight longer by reducing the amount of damage you take from certain attacks, helping to offset the increased number of hits you’ll probably be taking with your lower than average Reflex Defense. Damage dealing Force powers like Force blast, Force slam, and even Force lightning if you can take the dark side points are going to be your main source of attacks, so don’t skimp on them. Kinetic combat makes you into a competent melee fighter if necessary, though it’s not so high up on the list of must have powers. And of course, your maxed out Use the Force skill is just begging to be used in rebuke attempts against enemy Force users.

So there you have the considerations for this weeks build. I’d appreciate any feedback, build suggestions, and build challenges you guys may have. We’ll be back with another build next week. Until then.


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