The Living World

In lieu of all the interest from people at DragonFest and Gamers Club meetings about the upcoming game, I’ve opted to try a different approach to the game. I’m going to take a page from the Living Forgotten Realms campaign through the RPGA, and run it with a “Living” feeling to it. It won’t be a traditional “living” game, just because the logistics are just not there right now. I’ve got the world more or less fleshed out, and what I’ll be doing is writing a set of modules taking place at different points with different goals. Some may be traditional dungeon crawls looking for a magic item to help the besieged forces of the living beings to fighting a battle at the mountain pass against the undead hordes, to exploring the island of Godshead to find out if there’s anything there that can help, to infiltrating the Empire as members of the Inquisition and taking the fight to the Undying King. There won’t be any real cohesion at this poitn and I’ll be creating sets of pregens for each adventure, which will take place at different levels. This allows me to run games when I have the interest and the time and keep the time of each adventure down to a reasonable time so I can get to work and let everyone else enjoy the rest of game night.


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