A World At Their Fingertips

After a short drafting session, I have a preliminary map of the game world for the 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons game. It is a large, single continent with a small island off of the northeast coast. The Empire of Bassidia sits in the middle of the continent, their reach and influence stretching out over almost the whole continent. I decided that by making the last few stretches of free land separated from each other by ocean travel or through the Empire itself, I would make the plight of humanity all the more dire. A mountain range runs across the northern part of the land, underneath a major isthmus dividing the top part of the continent after a great event years ago known as “the wounding.” Two small passes in the mountain ranges on the extreme edges of the two peninsulas formed by the isthmus mark the only thing between the undead hordes of the Bassidian Empire and the holdings of free men on the peninsulas.

The island of Godshead sits a few miles off the coast of the northeastern peninsula. Still not much is known about this island to this day. Only a few formal expeditions have been sent, and those back when living beings still ruled the Empire. None of those expeditions ever returned. A few brave (or foolhardy, the line seems to blur a lot around that point) explorers have gone there to see if they could find something to help them in their fight against the Undying King, but no one has seen, or heard back from any of them.

A small peninsula on the eastern part of the continent holds another small group of the living, and marks the the home of the Radiant Church. The small pass is protected by the strongly fortified Radiant Towers on either side of the land bridge.

The last bastion of humanity sits on the southwest, past what is known as the Forest of the Primeval, which sits mostly inside the lands of the Empire, but were never quite tamed while living beings still held the throne. Now, who knows what breed of monster and undead make the forest their home?

The only river on the continent has it’s source, now a few miles underwater. It used to sit high in the mountains, which thanks to the active volcano in the middle, were a great source of natural hot springs. Now the river flows from the southern point of the isthmus. It runs in a southeasterly direction, through the Forest of the Primeval, and out into the sea off the eastern coast of the bottom peninsula. A natural tributary branches off about midway through the river’s run, flowing into the sea off the southern coast of the continent. A man-made tributary runs off the main river a few miles before it spills out into the eastern seafront. This tributary leads to a man-made lake, dubbed the Well of Humanity, which is one of the only sources of fresh water that is traded at great risk to between the humans. So far the undead have contented themselves with attacking the ships carrying the water supplies instead of damming up the river, wanting to wipe humanity out by direct means.

That is a basic description of the major geological and geographical features of the land.


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