Really, Hollywood?

First we get Fast & Furious, the fourth movie in the franchise and not to be confused with The Fast & the Furious. Now I’m seeing previews for teh fourth film in the “Final Destination” films, titled The Final Destination, not to be confused with the first film simply titled Final Destination.

Have they just stopped trying to come up with names? What’s wrong with Final Destination 4? In that vein, I would not so humbly like to put forth some suggestions that would have been worlds better (and much less confusing) than the choices they went with.

The Fast and the Furious: Really Tricked Out Cars Driving At Unsafe Speeds… Again

2 Fast + 2 Furious

Watch The Original Cast Do The Same Things But This Time With a Bigger Budget… & the Furious

Final Destination: Maybe We’ll Break the 4th Wall In This One

Final Destination: We Really, Really Mean It This Time

Come and Pay Money to Watch Teenagers Die in Preposterous and Oftentimes Hilarious Ways

Hollywood can contact me here to discuss my payment.


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