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The Start of a Saga

So, I finally got my Star Wars Saga game off the ground last night, and decided I would post up a review of the session last night and give a run down of the party. We’ll do the party first.

Vyrashanni – Miralukan Jedi 1/Noble 2. Vyrashanni is a Miralukan that has no idea she’s a Miralukan. She was born off of her homeworld aboard a starship. The ship failed over a fairly primitive planet on the Outer Rim and the crash killed everyone aboard the ship except the infant. A tribe of near humans found her, and believing her to be a gift from their gods, they raised her as one of their own. The belief that she was special was compounded further when she started manifesting power over the Force, and they made the young sorceress their witch doctor. She lived with the tribe until slavers attacked the planet and took her aboard their ship, where she has been kept blind and powerless thanks to a ysalamiri. She’s a pure Force Wizard build planning on going into the Force Adept prestige class.

Jace – Human Scoundrel 3. Jace was one of the rare few born with the gift of Force Sensitivity. However, his parents believed the power ot be a curse and forbid him from ever tapping into those powers. He was eventually forced into the seedy underbelly of society at the age of 17 and was stuck there for the majority of his adult life. He developed a gambling problem which led him to owing a great deal of money to a pair of Gand crime lords. When the young man couldn’t pay them back, they sold him into slavery in order to make some money back, and teach him a lesson. He plans on going into the Charlatan prestige class.

Vee – Yuuzhan Vong Soldier 3. Vee came into the galaxy following various clues as his own personal crusade and quest to find someone important to him led him. He allowed himself to be captured and sold into slavery in order to get his bearings in a strange new galaxy that fears and reviles him. He relies on his own strength to get him through tough situations and plans on taking the Elite Trooper prestige class and more specifically, the Master of Teras Kasi talent tree.

Poh Ran – Kel Dor Scout 3. Poh Ran was born into one of the Mandalorian Crusader clans and was raised fighting against “the injustice of the Neo-Crusader Empire.” Captured by bounty hunters as a small group of them moved to attack a Mandalorian supply post, he was sold into slavery by the Empire.

Gavin – Human Scout 2/Soldier 1. Gavin was born to the son of an Antarian Ranger, and strove to follow in his father’s footsteps. However, not being able to reconcile the Rebellions use of Clone Troopers as soldiers, he joined the splinter group of the Antarian Crusaders, alienating him from his father. One day while infiltrating a Mandalorian outpost, he was betrayed by two of his allies and sold into slavery by the Empire.

The advenutre started with the party waking up aboard a slave ship as it was hurtling through hyperspace. They quickly found out they were the only ones aboard the ship who were left alive, and the rest of the crew and slaves bore no sort of physical wounds. After ascertaining their destination by checking the navicomputer (which told them the moon of Nar Shaddaa), they found where their equipment was being kept and found a door that was locked through no physical means. There was a heavy, oppressive energy coming from the other side of the door that made the party very uncomfortable, especially the Force sensitive members of the party. As they tried to figure out a way to get through the door, the ship jolted out of hyperspace. They ran back to the cockpit just in time to see the surface of a planet rapidly filling their viewscreen. They were hardly able to do anything before the ship entered the atmosphere and careened into the ground.

After a period of time, they regained consciousness to find they had all survived intact. As they moved to get off of the ship, they noticed that the previously locked door was no open, and that there was nothing inside except that lingering presence of dread. Suddenly, a voice, as if being played from an audio recorder told them. “They will be looking for you soon, you’d best leave.”

They decided to heed the mysterious warning and left the ship, looking up to see a large number of military craft in orbit above the planet, a portion of the Mandalorian fleet. After a few hours forced march, they managed to make it to a city close to the Terminus of the planet, led by Poh Ran, who was the first to discover a few environmental clues about where they might be.

As they neared the city, they found themselves confronted by two Neo-Crusaders and a Twil’lek Customs Agent. The Mandos demanded to see their identification and Vyrashanni managed to convince him, through a mind trick, that they didn’t need ID to enter the city. After passing the guard, Jace decided the best way to get information (and to maybe win some credits to maybe buy their way offplanet) was to head to the nearest cantina. They walked in, and after noticing the bar was full of both locals and off-duty soldiers, found a table to sit at, and Jace found a spot at a Sabaac table with two Twi’leks and an off-duty Rodian Neo-Crusader. He proceeded to lose big at the first two hands, and win a small amount to break even at the third hand, but managed to find out where they were from a passing Toydarian. He also found out from the very drunk and loose tongued Rodian that the Mandalorians were there to “negotiate” a price in order allow the Twi’leks to continue shipping Ryll spice off the planet. After a group of the Mandos left the bar to sleep it off before their shift change, he found out that anyone crazy enough to advertise they could run the blockade of the planet had either done so already, or was in jail because of it. Poh Ran moved his way up to the bar in an effort to see if he couldn’t find anything else out, and Gavin took the opportunity to melt into the shadows and watch proceeding events from there while Vee hung around by Jace and made a few of the bar patrons very uncomfortable with his presence.

After Jace told this to the rest of his companions, a group of armored Neo-Crusaders came into the bar and started talking to the bartender. The bartender motioned to the table where three of the group were, one well hidden in the dark light. Two of the Mandos came over and attempted to bring Jace and Vyrashanni in for questioning, but Vyrashanni began acting like she didn’t understand and began babbling in the language of the backwater planet she was raised on. Meanwhile, Vee attempted to leave the bar, only to be stopped by the Mandos left guarding the door. Poh Ran came up behind the Mandos and asked what was going on, spinning a story that these two were her clients and the young woman was mentally unstable and needed to refill her medication before she went anywhere. As the leader of the Neo-Crusaders called this in to his CO, Poh Ran asked the other if he could take Vyrashanni to the refresher before they left in an effort to create a long enough distraction for them to get out of the cantina. As all this was going on, Gavin stealthily grabbed a chair and pulled it into the shadows with him, ready to use it if things went south.

After a quick planning session in the refresher, Vyrashanni came tearing out the bathroom, babbling in her native tongue while Poh Ran began shouting after her, yelling that her meds weren’t working. The Mando standing at the door to the refresher unit was too surprised to grab her and she ran into the middle of the bar before using the Force to rip a large section of the bar out of the floor and send it barreling into a large group of off-duty Mandalorians. Vee took his cue and slammed his fist into the Mando guarding the door, killing him. Vyrashanni began to levitate, once again using the Force to swirl a lot of the small debris around her in an attempt to keep attention on her instead of her companions. Gavin took this opportunity to bring the chair down on the Neo-Crusader on the comm with the base, hard enough to hurt him, but not enough to take him down. Poh Ran began struggling with the Mando by the refresher and Jace hit the dirt beneath the table. Vee ran over and quickly dispatched the other two Mandos while Vyrashanni landed and Force Gripped the last Mando in an effort to stun him and make it easier for Poh Ran to grapple him to the ground so they could keep him alive for questioning. Neither of them were gaining the upper hand, and so Gavin grabbed Jace’s blaster pistol that was left in the booth, set it to stun, and scored a critical hit on the last Mando, rolling one point off max damage, dropping him instantly.

At this point, the group decided it was best to get out of dodge as quickly as possible. They ran out of the cantina, and glanced up to see that the Mandalorians weren’t the only ones in the sky above Ryloth anymore. Indeed, a small number of capital ships had apparently dropped out of hyperspace and were in an intense firefight with the Mandalorian Navy. The upper atmosphere was full of smaller fighters and troop transports bearing the symbol of the Rebel Army. Ryloth was about to become a bloody battleground…

And that’s where the first session ended. Next week I plan to run them through some mass combat and find out what side they’ll choose to fight on in the war, if they indeed choose a side or if they decide to stay neutral and contract themselves out as mercenaries.


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