Rebellion Era Sourcebook Insights

Like the rest of you Star Wars Saga fans out there, I picked up my copy of the Rebellion Era Campaign Guide today. I’ve read through the new talents, feats, and paged through the rest of the book. However, one thought struck me after reading through the racial feats:

I want to play a Gamorrean.

I’m gonna give you guys a second to recover from that.

That’s right. I want to play a Gamorrean. Their new racial feats are just that good.

Make your big stats Strength and Constitution (Though don’t skimp on Dexterity if you can. I’ll get to that later.) and take Primitive Warrior as your 1st level feat in order to give you a +1 damage die bonus for the simple weapons that you will be using over your career. Equipped with a Dire Sword, they are doing 2d10 + 2x their Strength bonus at 1st level. Your 3rd and 6th level feats are already chosen with Increased Resistance and Quick Comeback, in either order. Take Scout as your 1st level class, train in Endurance, and take the Aggressive Surge talent from the Unpredictable Talent Tree. For your character level feats after that, I’d recommend Extra Second Wind a number of times and Unstoppable Combatant in order to make more use of those Second Winds. After 1st level, it’s Soldier all the way. The Commando Talent Tree is going to be your friend. Tough as Nails at 1st level and a few picks of Indomitable. If you do have the luxury of having a good Dexterity score, consider the Ambusher talent tree for more extra damage against your opponents. Resurgence, Recovering Surge, and Fast Surge are all key choices for Soldier bonus feats and if you have the extra bonus feats, Assured Attack isn’t a bad choice, especially if you grabbed some of the Ambusher Talents.You can’t go wrong with Improved Defenses, and maybe a pick or two or Improved Damage Threshold. If you grabbed some of the Amubusher Talents, Skill Focus (Initiative) early in your career can help you to make the most of them, especially considering that Dexterity isn’t your bread winning stat.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of prestige classes for this build, but it does leave you open for more Soldier bonus feats and more picks of the Indomitable talent.

Following this build, you won’t necessarily be dealing the most damage, but you’ll be a tough combatant to take down, and even tougher to keep down. And if you have the Aggressive Surge talent and the Resurgence feat, that’s a free charge attack after taking a second wind and a move action to use how you will.

So yeah… I want to play a Gamorrean.


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